OmGym Techniques


The OmGym is the most portable, fun, effective, versatile, and
complete wellness tool available.

 • maximize comfort with the most user-friendly inversion therapy equipment

 • enhance your yoga practice with split training and hip opening, handstand
 training, backbend support, acro-yoga balancing, and gravity-free fun

 • develop your core power and athletic agility with strength, balance,
 and coordination

 • enjoy supportive movement for any playful or therapeutic experience

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Introducing the New OmGym Suspension Yoga Set

• Now With 100% Recycled Material

 • Enhanced Comfort Cushioning Support

 • Professional Strength Carabiner Hooks

 • Upgraded Adjustment System

 • Superior And Stylish Backpack Design

omgym backpack each OmGym cones with the OmGym BackPack

• made with top-quality recycled nylon parachute material
 • suitable for indoor, outdoor  use-mildew resistant
 • 100% vegan,
leather-free  material

each OmGym comes with 2 handle grip sets, each
composed of 3 rubber padded grips attached to an aluminum carbiner hook with nylon stirrups

Omgym equipment