Flextasy! Review by People's Co-Op

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March 2002


A video by Blue Dunn

A review by Heather Gach, Media Buyer, People's Co-op

As the book buyer and reviewer for the store, I do my best to keep interesting and informative books stocked on the shelves. I consider myself to be a dedicated promoter of written literature and I am impressed with the growing number of publications about yoga and stretching. 

However, I have come to the recent conclusion that for some of us there are just some things that are almost impossible to be properly learned from reading a book. To accurately learn the techniques of an exercise or physical fitness program it is absolutely essential for some to have an informative, trained instructor to imitate as a model for the living expressions of our body's movements. Videos are the link between the knowledge of a book and the warmth of a friendly voice.

With years of credible experience to back him, Blue Dunn has created Flextasy! The Functional Flexibility System, a two video series, which effectively teaches us about the importance of maintaining our bodies as a temple of vibrant living. Together with Dunn, students of all ages can learn the importance and advantages of having a healthy and flexible body.

With a strict emphasis on deep muscular and skeletal flexibility, the two Flextasy! videos engage the viewer in a journey of meditative unlocking while experiencing the sensation of our skeletal structure as a separate entity. For those that may be new to this level of physical conditioning, you are assured patient and slow explanations. Dunn advocates stopping the tape and taking your time to properly learn each new stretch. He reminds us to breathe, to be safe and, most importantly, to have fun and enjoy it. Anybody can be pain free at any age by setting aside a minimal amount of time each day, for the routine.

Video one is designed for the beginner and provides clear, consistent advice on perfecting each position. This assures the maximum benefits to your body without the threat of injury. With varying camera angles and two Flextasy trainers positioned behind him, Dunn has created a virtual classroom complete with a guest skeleton to assist in anatomical orientations.

It is advised that video two be used by the advanced student who has successfully mastered all of the positions from the first video. I highly recommend taking this precautionary advice-as it is, just watching it makes my muscles twitch. Both tapes conclude with a slow and easy stretching session, spoken against a background of gently flowing water and lush green landscape. Each Flextasy! video leaves us with the perfect calming ending to an energetic and exciting new beginning. Thanks Blue!

Flextasy! is the "Only flexibility program you will ever need to learn and practice. If you are not happy with your body because you have ignored it, abused it, or if you have reached a plateau with your athletic performance, you owe it to yourself to give this program an honest try." -Blue Dunn, Flextasy! creator

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