Self Maintenance Tools

Blue Dunn's Flexibility tools
Two Disc DVD Set
Two Disc DVD Set
Disc 1: 84 mins
Disc 2: 45 mins
The simplest, most effective comprehensive flexibility system ever developed. The only flexibility routine you'll ever need to learn and practice - it's that powerful!...
Price: $39.95
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Flextasy Lite
bulletFlextasy Lite
Blue is working on Flextasy! Lite!™, a modified version of the original Flextasy!™ routine specifically developed for seniors (or the flexibly challenged of any age).

Price: $49.95
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bulletFlexibility Pack 1
  • Flextasy Functional Flexibility Exercise System DVD set
  • 1 lb MSM Powder
  • Set of 3 Structural Release Rollers
  • Fix Your Feet Balls




Price: $119.95
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bulletFlexibility Pack 2
  • 1 lb of MSM Powder
  • Set of 3 Structural Release Rollers
Price: $74.00
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bulletFlexibility Pack 3
  • Flextasy Functional FLexibility Exercise System DVD Set
  • Set of 3 Structural Release Rollers
Price: $89.95
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bulletStructural Release Rollers
Structural Release Rollers

The Structural Release Roller is the simplest and most effective all around self-maintenance tool you will find for releasing tension in all the major chronic pain problem areas of the body.
Price: $50.00
Fix Your Feet Balls
bulletFix Your Feet Balls
If you have feet you need these balls. Reorganize the 26 bones, 33 joints, and unspecified # of hinges in your feet inexpensively and easily. Suffer foot pain no more! Comes with detailed instructions...
Price: $11.95



bulletMassage buddy

coming soon



bulletAb ball

coming soon
Thumper Massager products
Professional Thumper Massager
bulletAl Carter's Organic, Nutrient Rich Cell Food!
Simply put - the very best percussion massage machine on the market. A Body Worker since 1984, and knowing full well the benefits of hands-on human touch, I still give this mechanical wonder a 110% for effectiveness and ease of use. I love it and you will too...

Price: $299.00
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Equine Thumper
bulletEquine Thumper
(15% stronger than the professional thumper)
Same design and features as the
Maxi Pro Variable Power,
but more powerful, and the best machine for athletes and people who want a deeper massage. The only massager for your horses, pets and livestock. This is the Thumper model that is used by professional sports teams, and in professional equine training and competition.

Price: $339.00
+ Free Shipping
Versapro Massager
bulletVersapro Massager
The Versa Pro Massager is the latest edition to the Thumper Line of products. Designed for the lower body, the Versa Pro massager provides strong, fast, deep-down relief. Just rest your feet, calves, thighs or lower back agaist the Versa Pro massager and relax. It has 13 different massage settings, a remotecontrol and 7 auto programs.

Price: $269.00
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Thumper Mini Pro 2
bulletThumper Mini Pro 2
The MINI PRO 2 Thumper Massager is a professional strength massager in a personal, self-use size. Using the same patented Thumper percussive action, the MINI PRO 2 Thumper Massager was designed for those hard to reach areas like the shoulders and mid-back. Weighing only 3 pounds (1.4 kg), it's perfect for packing and travel.

Price: $189.00
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Other Self-Maintenance tools
Here is the extra pair of hands you wish you had to easily work on your own sore neck and shoulders. Quit begging others and do it yourself! Worth it's weight in gold...

Price: $39.95
Calf Stretch Block
bulletCalf Stretch Block
Another must have tool. Calves are the first to get thrashed. Active or inactive, your calf muscles shrink and get dense and distorted. The calf stretch inlcine board is the most effective tool you'll find for lengthening your calf muscles in an aligned fashion.
Available in wood or plastic, starting from $50