Bone Health

Healthy Bones are the foundation of wellness

Our Amaing bones (all 200+ of them!)

Do we really understand our bones? What they’re made of, how they grow and heal, and all the different health sustaining things they do for us? Most of us are likely a bit “in the dark” when it comes to really understanding and fully appreciating the incredible nature of our bones.

We may recall how our parents admonished us to “take our calcium” when we were growing up. And we may have memories of a bone-dry skeleton hanging around science class; but for most of us, our recollection of the lessons we learned about bones long ago, is probably quite hazy by now.

If we could get a really good look at our bones, by peering deep inside, and all along the surfaces, we’d be very amazed at what we’d find. Our bones are not dry and static, but vital and active. In fact, our bones are busy every moment of our lives.

Here’s just one example: our bones house the marrow, which is continually giving birth to millions of red and white blood cells (the very essence of our immune system) every second!

Healthy Bones

bone hand

Instead of thinking about our bones as dry, hard and inert – we really should view our bones instead, as a living, regenerating system that changes daily. And this is really good news! It means that it’s never too late in our lives to make a positive difference in the health of our bones. We can intervene with simple, but important steps to support our bones, and the countless things they do to keep our body running smoothly.

Busy Growing Bones

All 206 of our bones are very busy, every moment of every day, remaking themselves (they are as close as we come to perpetual motion!). Even though our bones reach a state of maturity when we’re young adults, that doesn’t mean our bodies stop growing bone, far from it…

Every year our healthy bones are busy renewing about 10% of their cells. In fact, every 7-10 years our entire skeleton fully regenerates itself through a process called “remodeling”. This means that the bones that allowed you to walk and run, and that kept you erect, and protected your organs just a few years ago -- are nowhere to be found today! They’ve been replaced by fresh new “recruits”. This is more good news – as it means there is so much we can do to make a difference to our overall bone health!

Our Bone Bank

Bones serve as our primary mineral storehouse, or “bank”. Our bones store hundreds of unique minerals that our body is completely dependent on in order to function and be healthy. Imagine your bones as you would a bustling bank in the center of the city. The bank has a wondrous array of minerals in its vaults. Now, in walks one of the bank’s most demanding customers: the brain! The brain has come to withdraw a sizable amount of calcium and other important minerals. Because our brain and nervous system are fully dependent on calcium and many minerals to function, when the brain comes calling for their withdrawal, the “bone bank” cannot refuse. If there’s no surplus available, our bones will deplete themselves so the brain can function. (Perhaps this helps to explain why daily calcium and mineral supplementation is so widely recommended by experts.)

How Bones grow

Here’s how our bones shed old bone matrix and replace it with fresh cellular growth. We have two very intelligent, highly specialized sets of bone cells.

bone matrix

One set of cells (called osteoclasts) are designed by nature to break down old bone matrix. These specialists insure that old bone is “retired” and moved away at the end of its lifecycle, literally making room for new growth. And sure enough, as old bone is resorbed, our other bone cell specialists (called osteoblasts) move right in to fill the gaps and build up fresh, new layers of bone.

This natural cycle of replacing old bone with new and freshly grown bone (what we call “Bone Renewal”) requires a full cast of players to happen in a complete, healthy, and ongoing way. A bio-organic whole food form of calcium has the leading role. But as great as that is, whole food calcium alone is not nearly enough, it needs the accompaniment of its co-star, bio-organic magnesium, and from a host of supporting actors, essential co-factors, exclusively from bio-organic whole foods:

  • Vitamins D3, K1 and K2
  • Trace minerals (silica, boron, vanadium, etc.)
  • Special botanical Synergizing™ compounds and co-factors
  • And more!

Most importantly, a delicate balance needs to be maintained between these two specialized sets of cells (osteoclasts and osteoblasts), or our bone health and their suppleness may suffer. Fortunately, we can assist this process by providing our bodies with an ample, wholesome supply of the key nutrients that our bone cells need to excel at their respective jobs, which is the role of a well designed, daily bone supplement formula.

For this reason, look for a bone supplement formula that is precisely designed as a daily, full-spectrum, bio-organic whole food for your bones. Instead of undermining the body’s innate intelligence and facility for self-repair, it’s much better to support your natural “bone renewal” cycle by “feeding your bones” wholesome foods and supplements. Following in accordance with nature is always the healthier approach, not only for our bones – but for our whole selves.