Pure Synergy Benefits

Benefits Reported by Pure Synergy Consumers

  • Enhances vitality and vigor
  • Provides sustained and steady energy
  • Heightens mental clarity
  • Assists purifying detoxification
  • Improves immunity
  • Enhances athletic recovery and physical endurance
  • Greatly increases sense of well-being
  • Nurtures a healthy lifestyle
  • Ohter Pure Synergy Benefits: perfect for health-conscious people who desire nutrition of the highest quality in order to enhance their health now and into the future. It is used daily by career professionals, homemakers, sports and outdoor enthusiasts, students and many others who know the value of real nourishment. Pure Synergy also provides valuable support to people experiencing a diminished sense of well-being and seeking to regenerate their health and vitality. Pure Synergy is the ideal formula for all of us experiencing the effects of stress, pollutants and nutritionally bankrupt food in our lives.

    The Quality of Pure Synergy

    Your health matters to us! Unlike most nutritional products, Pure Synergy does not contain any fillers or artificial chemicals, preservatives or sweeteners. Nor do we use any ingredients that have been irradiated or fumigated, that have unsafe levels of pesticide or herbicide residues or that contain any pathogenic bacteria. Moreover, we completely avoid the use of genetically engineered materials. From using superior ingredients to building our own state-of-the-art production facility, we spare no effort in producing exceptional nutritional products at incomparable prices. If you purchased the ingredients in Pure Synergy individually (in quantities equal to those contained in a large bottle), the cost would exceed $180.00!

    Organic & Wildcrafted Ingredients: Pure Synergy is made with organic and wildcrafted ingredients. This not only assures maximum nutrition, but also protects our environment and bodies from harmful toxins. Pure Synergy’s wildcrafted ingredients are sustainably harvested from their natural environments — the purest sources for some superfoods. All our farmers and wildcrafters take special care with the botanicals in Pure Synergy: ethical wildcrafting practices ensure that natural habitats will continue to thrive, and all Pure Synergy’s ingredients are harvested at the optimal stage of growth, when their nutrients have fully matured.

    Perfectly Protected: Many nutritional components are highly sensitive to heat. Fresh freeze-drying, cold-drying and Refractance Window™ drying fully protect the heat-sensitive bioactive constituents and phytonutrients of Pure Synergy’s botanicals. We also utilize special cold-milling equipment. Studies have demonstrated that these unique technologies offer unprecedented protection of all Pure Synergy’s valuable nutrients.

    Concentrated & Standardized: When appropriate, we concentrate and standardize select ingredients, using slow, nonchemical processes. Our full-spectrum, standardized concentrates are many times more potent than those created by other methods.

    Researched & Tested: In our ongoing research for Pure Synergy, we consult experts in the fields of nutrition and Chinese and Western herbalism and medicine. Additionally, Pure Synergy’s ingredients are subjected to 200 tests for purity at a USDA-approved, FDA-registered laboratory. These tests guarantee that Pure Synergy contains only the highest-quality ingredients.

    State-of-the-Art Production: Pure Synergy is blended and bottled at our award-winning facility, where we are certified to manufacture organic and kosher products. We actively support nonpolluting, sustainable energy by participating in the Blue Sky wind power program at the 100% level.

    Ultra Fresh Packaging™: Glass is the only packaging material that is 100% inert and impermeable (research shows that plastic bottles don’t fully protect against nutrient-robbing oxygen, and they leach chemicals into food). We vacuum-seal Pure Synergy in light-resistant, recyclable glass bottles, utilizing our Ultra Fresh Packaging process. During this process, an oxygen absorber packet is placed in each bottle. The bottles are then hermetically sealed with induction technology to protect all Pure Synergy’s valuable constituents.

    Vegetarian & Kosher: Pure Synergy is a vegetarian, certified kosher product and is 100% pure food.

    Pure Synergy's Origins

    In 1972, on a rainy Alabama road, Mitchell May's life was changed forever when a speeding car slammed into his vehicle. The collision was so catastrophic that rescuers required 45 minutes to free him from the wreckage, and he was left with many critical injuries. The most serious of these were to his legs, which sustained over 40 fractures as well as severe nerve and muscle damage.

    Although his doctors insisted he would never walk again, Mitchell believed differently. Determined to regain the use of his legs, he began his own intensive and unconventional healing program. The results were astonishing. Mitchell made medical history when he regenerated nerve, bone and muscle tissue, which doctors had predicted would be impossible. His healing was so phenomenal that it has been documented and studied by medical researchers and featured in periodicals and documentaries. Today, Mitchell race walks, backpacks and hikes in the canyons near his home.

    During his healing process, Mitchell knew it was essential to support his body with the most regenerative, life-enhancing nutrition available. He devoted himself to an intensive study of the nutritional and energetic properties of numerous superfoods and botanicals that possess unique healing properties. He then tried nearly every nutritional product on the market, only to find that none contained the amazing life energy he had observed in his studies or delivered the nutritional support he sought.

    With the same focus and determination that he devoted to his healing, Mitchell set out to create an all-natural superfood made with organic ingredients that would truly capture the phenomenal vibrancy and vitality found in nature. For over a decade, he conducted an exhaustive search, obtaining and testing superfoods from around the world. During this time, he experimented with countless formulas, always seeking the "synergy" that would catapult the performance of superfoods to a whole new level.

    After many years, Mitchell developed the perfectly balanced formula that captures and intensifies the amazing life energy found in superfoods — Pure Synergy.

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