Pure Synergy Faq's

Q: Can I use Pure Synergy more than once a day?

A: Certainly! Many people drink Pure Synergy first thing in the morning and then enjoy another serving in the mid-afternoon, if their energy level begins to fall. For convenience, Pure Synergy vegetarian capsules are an easy alternative for those who like the benefit of additional support during their day.

Q: Can I take more than one tablespoon of Pure Synergy daily?

A: Pure Synergy is a wonderfully restorative and balancing food. Since it is not a medicine, you can consume it whenever you desire extra nourishment and support. Many people enjoy more than one tablespoon daily during times of extra stress, and we encourage you to experiment with your daily serving to find the serving size that best supports you. After your body has become accustomed to one heaping tablespoon of Pure Synergy daily, you can gradually increase the amount you use.

Q: If I take only one teaspoon of Pure Synergy, will it still benefit me?

A: Yes! While we recommend using one heaping tablespoon per day, any quantity offers valuable support and nourishment.

Q: Can I mix Pure Synergy with other foods?

A: Combining Pure Synergy with other foods can slow its absorption; however, it will still provide your body with deep levels of nutrition. Many people find that blending Pure Synergy into a fruit smoothie is a wonderful alternative for children or for adults unaccustomed to the flavor of green foods.

Q: Can I mix my Pure Synergy beverage ahead of time and drink it later in the day?

A: Although this might be convenient, it is not the best idea. Pure Synergy contains many valuable active enzymes. These enzymes are dormant in the dried powder and become activated when Pure Synergy is mixed with liquid. You will therefore experience the most benefits if you drink your Pure Synergy within an hour or so of mixing it. If that is inconvenient for you, try our Pure Synergy capsules. You can carry them with you for easy consumption during a busy day.

Q: Can I mix Pure Synergy with something hot, like soup?

A: We don’t recommend this. The active beneficial enzymes in Pure Synergy can be damaged by too much heat. For best results, do not mix your Pure Synergy in anything warmer than body temperature.

Q: I avoid sugars and fruit juices. How can I mix my Pure Synergy?

A: Use plain water! If that is unappealing to you, experiment with cooled fruity herbal teas or vegetable juices. You can also add a drop or two of stevia; it has a sweet flavor without any sugars.

Q: How can I continue using my Pure Synergy when traveling?

A: Even when you are vacationing, traveling can be stressful and demanding — Pure Synergy can be especially valuable during these times to help smooth out adjustments to new locations, sleep patterns, and foods. Pure Synergy travels well if you protect it from direct sunlight, moisture, and intense heat. Simply transfer some of your powdered Pure Synergy into a small container or baggie, or use Pure Synergy capsules.

Q: I eat the purest foods I can find. Is Pure Synergy organic?

A: Yes it is — your health matters to us! The Synergy Company is committed to using certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Not only does this protect our environment and our bodies from harmful toxins, but it assures optimal nutrition and potency. All our ingredients pass rigorous testing for the absence of pesticides, herbicides, pathogenic bacteria, and heavy metals (an indication of previous pesticide or herbicide use). Additionally, Pure Synergy does not contain any fillers or artificial sweeteners, colorings, flavorings, additives, or preservatives. We never use chemicals, ever! Moreover, none of the ingredients in Pure Synergy are grown with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Q: There have been so many stories lately about the safety and truth-in-labeling of supplements. How do I know Pure Synergy’s safe?

A: Pure Synergy has been safely consumed by tens of thousands of people for more than 30 years. In addition, for thousands of years, traditional cultures all around the world have safely used these same ingredients for healing and nutritional support. Today, research proves the wisdom of their choice! We enhance and protect these precious ingredients with meticulous testing and processing standards (each batch of Pure Synergy requires over 600 quality assurance tests). Our facility is certified to manufacture organic and kosher products. It is also registered with the FDA, and we adhere to good manufacturing practices.

Q: Is there anyone who should not use Pure Synergy?

A: Pure Synergy may be contraindicated for those using blood-thinning or hyperthyroid medications. Doctors often recommend that people using blood-thinning medications limit their consumption of green, leafy vegetables. Additionally, sea vegetables contain beneficial iodine, which some doctors ask their patients using hyperthyroid medication to avoid. Please consult with your physician.

Q: Can I use Pure Synergy when I’m dieting or fasting?

A: Many of our customers and staff members have enjoyed wonderful benefits when using Pure Synergy during a special diet or fast, as Pure Synergy helps stabilize energy levels and is easy to digest. Not only are the naturally occurring nutrients in Pure Synergy highly bioavailable, but Pure Synergy is also an excellent source of purifying chlorophyll, which helps to enhance the detoxifying process.

Q: I’m pregnant. Can I use Pure Synergy?

A: Yes. Many pregnant and nursing women, including moms at The Synergy Company, appreciate the extra energy and deep nourishment of Pure Synergy. If you are using Pure Synergy for the first time, please remember to begin slowly. If you have any questions or concerns, consult your doctor or midwife.

Q: Can my five-year-old drink Pure Synergy?

A: Pure Synergy is so nurturing that it is wonderful for children of all ages. Even a small amount can help balance the nutritional extremes created by children’s finicky food preferences! Just remember to start very slowly when introducing Pure Synergy into their diet — begin with one-eighth of a teaspoon, and build slowly to a serving size appropriate for their body weight. If you need help determining a daily serving size for your child, please call customer service at 800-723-0277. And remember that it is always essential for everyone, including children, to drink plenty of pure, filtered water!

Q: Can I feed Pure Synergy to my pets?

A: Please do — they love it! Even carnivorous animals regularly eat grass and greens for their natural purifying properties and trace minerals. Many veterinarians and breeders recommend Pure Synergy. Just remember that pets need to begin slowly as well, and please adjust the serving size for their body weight.

Q: I have allergies and am very sensitive. Can I use Pure Synergy?

A: Many people with multiple allergies thrive when using Pure Synergy. Not only does Pure Synergy contain no common allergens, but its vibrant life energy, active enzymes, and abundant phytonutrients are especially nourishing to a body already stressed by allergies and dietary limitations. There is no gluten in any of our grass juices or sprouted grains, and neither the grass juices nor the sprouted grains contain any harmful lectins.

Q: I have an overgrowth of Candida albicans yeast and have been advised to avoid mushrooms. Does this mean I can’t use Pure Synergy?

A: The conventionally grown (non-organic) mushrooms in your produce department are often laden with pesticides and fungicides that create problems for many people. Our Synergized Asian Mushrooms are organically grown in a unique medium of organic millet and brown rice (other growers use sawdust or soy). Our mushrooms are then meticulously processed to eliminate any possible molds or yeasts. To enhance the effectiveness of our mushroom blend, we use only the mycelium, and not the fruiting body, or “cap,” as the mycelium are a much richer source of the highly beneficial compounds found in healing mushrooms. The mushrooms in Pure Synergy's unique Synergized Asian Mushroom blend have been carefully grown and formulated to offer natural, balancing support to your body’s own immune response. Contrary to popular belief, Asian mushrooms are actually potent allies in a candida diet.

Q: What is “cleansing”?

A: Every moment of every day our bodies are naturally eliminating toxins and the by-products of metabolism. This daily “cleansing” is an essential bodily function akin to regular, healthy housekeeping. Often, when we first begin taking Pure Synergy, we may notice that our body’s natural cleansing functions are more pronounced. This happens when our cells begin to receive the active enzymes, purifying pigments, and vibrant phytonutrients found in Pure Synergy. They gain additional energy to help eliminate toxins that can interfere with optimal health. As our body moves toxins to the colon and skin for elimination, in some cases, you may notice softer stool, more frequent bowel movements, or mild itching, rashes, or blemishes. People with a history of drug or alcohol use or excess toxin build-up, may even experience some mild flu-like symptoms. In almost all cases, these sorts of natural reactions are short-lived – and many people who use Pure Synergy don’t experience any noticeable cleansing responses at all (even though they are cleansing). If you have questions about your body’s natural cleansing processes and any reactions you may be having, please call our customer service at 800-723-0277. In most cases, if you experience a cleansing response that feels uncomfortable, simply reduce your serving size of Pure Synergy, and then increase it gradually over a several week period. And please don’t forget your water! It is very important to drink an abundance of water, especially when your body is naturally cleansing.

Q: Why is my stool green after I drink Pure Synergy?

A: The green color is from the abundance of chlorophyll found in the juices and algae in Pure Synergy. Chlorophyll is a highly beneficial pigment, rich in nutrients, that enhances the body’s natural purification and cleansing process.

Q: My stools have become very soft (or more frequent) since I began taking Pure Synergy. Is this normal?

A: This is normal and beneficial! As your body becomes accustomed to deep nourishment at the cellular level, it begins to eliminate toxins from cells and transports them, along with fluid, to the colon for rapid elimination. For most people, this is a crucial component in creating more radiant health and optimal energy. It is healthy and normal for people to have one or more bowel movements a day.

Q: I’m healthy and eat a good diet. Will Pure Synergy be of any benefit to me?

A: Absolutely! Radiant health is a process, not a destination at which we arrive and then remain. Even the most nutritious diet and healthiest person benefit from the concentrated nutrients and vibrant phytonutrients found in Pure Synergy. No matter how healthy we are, we still live in a toxic world, filled with daily stressors!

Q: Should I take an occasional break from drinking Pure Synergy?

A: Pure Synergy has been carefully formulated to provide vital and balancing support on a daily basis. Just as there is no need to take an occasional break from eating vegetables, there is no need to interrupt your use of Pure Synergy. In fact, many of the herbs and other foods in Pure Synergy are tonic in nature. This means they provide the greatest strengthening benefits when consumed regularly, in balanced quantities, for long periods of time. Moreover, Pure Synergy's formula is energetically balanced. Our Asian mushrooms and herbs have been specially formulated and prepared utilizing age-old traditional Asian medicine techniques to create tonifying, balancing blends.

Q: I’ve been using Pure Synergy for six months now, and I know it has really contributed to my health. I’m wondering, though, why I don’t notice its effects as much as I did at first.

A: Although most people continue to notice enhanced vitality and a greater sense of well-being after using Pure Synergy for years, sometimes we all forget to notice! In our culture, we’ve become accustomed to the “magic bullet” approach — we associate health with a rush. When we first begin consuming a deeply nourishing food such as Pure Synergy, our bodies respond noticeably to the increased levels of nutrition, protective phytonutrients, and vibrant life energy present in it. That response continues — what changes is our attention. As our bodies become accustomed to an enhanced sense of well-being, we stop noticing. It’s much like recovering from the flu. When we’ve had the flu and then begin to feel better, we really notice how good it feels to be well again. A couple of weeks later, though, we no longer notice that feeling of wellness because it has, once again, become normal to us.

Wellness is a process, not a static goal we reach and then replace. We consume foods and products that support our well-being not just because they help us feel better today, but because they support our health for a lifetime. There is no way to measure what unpleasant experience we might avoid tomorrow by making healthy choices today.

Q: I’m very concerned about protecting the environment. Is Pure Synergy a “low impact” product?

A: We share your concern and since our inception have embraced environmentally responsible practices in all phases of our business. These include being the first dietary supplement company to receive organic certification, being the first company in Utah to convert to 100% wind-power, and building our own energy efficient and eco-friendly certified organic production facility. In addition, for over 30 years we have used organic ingredients (converting thousands of acres from conventional to organic cultivation) to help protect ecosystems and habitats all over the planet. We use only glass packaging not only because it offers superior protection of the vital nutrients in our products, but because it is easily recyclable in almost every community. Our Eco-Foam packing material is fully biodegradable, all of our cleaning agents are certified organic and we use recycled paper and soy-based inks for nearly all our printed material, even our labels. We participate in a tree-planting program to offset our carbon footprint. And we were twice given the “Excellence in Manufacturing for Environmental Consciousness” award by the State of Utah. 

Q: I’m sensitive to the “green” taste of Pure Synergy. Is there a way I can disguise that?

A: Don’t give up! Some people have trouble adjusting to the taste at first, but almost everyone discovers that it becomes more pleasing to them in time. Many people enjoy their Pure Synergy in a sweet organic juice such as apple, cherry, or pineapple. Others like to mix Pure Synergy in a fruit smoothie. A drop or two of stevia extract or a teaspoon of our delicious Healing Honey in the liquid helps enhance the flavor for some people. Just experiment until you find a flavor combination that most appeals to you. Your other option is simply to use Pure Synergy capsules.

Q: How can I get my kids to drink Pure Synergy?

A: Most kids love fruit smoothies. If you use vibrantly colored fruits, such as frozen cherries or blueberries, you can partially disguise the green color. Also, serving Pure Synergy in an opaque, fun cup with a lid and straw helps to entice them!

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