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Tips for using Powdered Pure Synergy

Pure Synergy can be mixed with a variety of liquids. Many people choose pure, filtered water; others use juice or a combination of juice and water. Pour 8 to 10 ounces of liquid into a jar or glass with a tight-fitting lid, and add Pure Synergy. Put the lid on the jar or glass, and shake well. Pure Synergy is ready to drink! Lump alert: Please do not try to stir your Pure Synergy into liquid —it will be lumpy! Shaking or blending ensures a smooth beverage.

Open Pure Synergy gently. To protect the precious phytonutrients in Pure Synergy from heat, light and oxygen, we meticulously seal your bottle using our state-of-the-art Ultra Fresh Packaging system. This unique system creates a pressurized and highly protective oxygen-free environment inside the sealed bottle. When you open your Pure Synergy, you may notice a whooshing, suction noise as the air pressure equalizes between the bottle and the surrounding environment. In some cases, depending on altitude and other atmospheric conditions, the pressure differential between the bottle and the surrounding environment is greater and results in a loud popping noise when the seal is peeled off! Although this may be surprising, it is a sure sign your product is absolutely fresh. If you startle easily, we suggest you prick the seal on your Pure Synergy bottle with a pin or knife tip and then remove the seal.

Begin gradually. The daily serving of Pure Synergy is one heaping tablespoon. However, if you are adding Pure Synergy to your diet for the first time, please begin slowly. This allows your body to comfortably acclimate to a deeper level of nutrition. We suggest beginning with one-quarter to one teaspoon of Pure Synergy and gradually increasing to one heaping tablespoon or more daily.

Drink Pure Synergy on an empty stomach. The vital nutrients and phytonutrients in Pure Synergy are most easily absorbed if you drink it on an empty stomach. Many people find it convenient to drink Pure Synergy first thing in the morning and then to wait at least 30 minutes before consuming any other food.

Drink plenty of water. Water is essential to optimal health. If you are not already doing so, please drink 8 to 10 glasses of pure, filtered water throughout the day. Coffee, juice and soda pop do not count as water!

Protect Pure Synergy. An unopened bottle of Pure Synergy can be kept in any dark, cool location, such as a cupboard, drawer or closet, for up to five years. Please keep opened bottles of Pure Synergy in your freezer or refrigerator. It will last about three months in your refrigerator, and about six months in your freezer.

Be flexible and experiment. Pure Synergy is food, not medicine and is safe and beneficial to consume regularly. Some people drink it twice a day. Some people consume more than one heaping tablespoon daily; others, less. Some people prefer Pure Synergy in plain water on an empty stomach; others add Pure Synergy to juice and smoothies. The important thing is to discover the quantity, frequency and mixture that you find most beneficial and appealing!

Health and wellness are intrinsic parts of our life journey. We are deeply committed to supporting your journey in all its unique twists and turns, and we view ourselves as your partner in your quest for optimal health. Like any partnership, though, our relationship with you is a two-way dance. Please stay in touch! We thrive on personal contact with you and are a ways interested in hearing your feedback or answering your questions.

Pure Synergy has an almost miraculous way of enhancing mental clarity, health and vitality. Pure Synergy could be the most perfect superfood ever created by human beings. —Gabriel Cousens, M.D., noted medical researcher and author of Conscious Eating.


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