Bounce Back Chair

Bounce Back Chair
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Bounce Back Chair

Bounce Back Chair - The BEST Fitness Chair & Rebounder for low impact exercise is the most EXCITING Exercise concept developed for the twenty-first century. It combines the FUN of a mini-trampoline in a SAFE and comfortable chair, designed especially for those individuals looking for an EXERCISE CHOICE that works.

The Bounce Back Fitness Chair is helping people to get back on the Road to Fitness in a way no other exercise machine has! The unique technology and benefits of the mini-trampoline in an easy-to use chair have a dramatically positive effect on everyone who uses it, but especially for those individuals who have difficulty with other forms of exercise.

By stimulating the flow of lymphatic fluids throughout the body by as much as 10 times their normal rate, the Bounce Back Fitness Chair can assist the body in removing toxins, strengthening the immune system, and building strong, healthy cells. Blood circulation and oxygenation also improve.

"BOUNCE BACK" to better health and fitness; The Bounce Back Fitness and Exercise Chair! This zero impact exercise rebounding can be safely performed by just about everyone, in the comfort of your own home.

Zero impact Bounce Back Jogging provides aerobic conditioning and tones hips, thighs, and abs while saving your knees and ankles. You will get a Bounce Back Fitness Chair Training Video with purchase of your Bounce Back Fitness and Exercise Chair.

NASA studies confirm the benefits of rebounding exercise. The Bounce Back Fitness Chair is almost comparable to a trampoline rebounder, except there is little impact upon the knee and ankle joints which is a definite plus for everyone engaged in rebounding exercise.

Using a Bounce Back Fitness Chair at any age, helps one stay mobile, more flexible and improves circulation. Help seniors or those with limited mobility to stay independent and enable them to feel more energetic from exercising. It's exercise they will enjoy, and can usually do without assistance.



The Rehabilitation and Fitness Chair for all ages.  


Is this really exercise? Yes. As with any form of exercise, how much energy you burn and the benefits you get will depend on how much you put into it. HOWEVER, with the Bounce Back Fitness Chair, there are many things going on at the same time. After trying it out for as little as 2 minutes, most people comment, "Gee, I really was doing something. I feel like I've done a lot more than I thought I was doing." For example, while they were working their upper arms and shoulders, their thighs, hips, and abs were continuing to work, 70 to 90 times each minute.

Does it really build muscle? Yes. There are exercises for building muscles in the arms, shoulders, back and chest. There are others for building muscles in the abs and legs. The muscle is built gradually over time through repetitive use. Repetition of even a low-level activity hundreds of times each day builds strong and healthy muscles (without scarring the muscle - see the previous question). A 44-year-old male says, "I have added 2 inches across my chest over a period of 4 months - all muscle. During those 4 months, I lost 10 pounds - 15 pounds of it was fat! (My body fat percentage went down faster than my weight - the difference is muscle!)"

Can I do aerobics? Does it really help my heart? Yes to both. At beginning levels of use of the Bounce Back Fitness Chair, the heart rate will rise to 60% to 65% of its maximum heart rate in a few minutes. The U.S. Surgeon General, in the 1996 report, said that most people only need moderate levels of activity (at 60% to 65%) to help their heart. The American Heart Association recommends moderate levels of activity 30 minutes a day at least three times a week. For those who are more fit, we offer combination exercises that can increase the heart rate even more - just remember to keep the muscles aerobic so they don't burn up!

What do I do, just bounce? For a few people, yes. For most people, we offer dozens of general and specific exercises. "Just bouncing" is what we recommend for warm-up and cool down. Abdominal muscles are working all of the time at varying intensity. Focus exercises include resistance work for the upper body muscle groups. By changing position of the hands along the side bars, all muscles in the upper body can be worked. Legs and buttocks are worked through no-impact running, leg lifts, toe pushes, etc. Stretching positions can help most trouble areas, such as the hamstrings. Stress reduction exercises help pull tension out of the shoulders and neck. We cover most everything to do with fitness: resistance, aerobics, stretching, stress re duction, strength building, and having FUN!

Will it help me lose weight? Yes. The Bounce Back Fitness Chair helps you lose weight two ways. First, by increasing muscle tone and your metabolism, you will burn more calories throughout the day. Second, while exercising aerobically, you will burn approximately 400 to 600 calories per hour, about the same as a stationary bike. Expect weight loss due to bouncing alone to be 2 to 4 pounds per month.

Will it help my arthritis? Apparently. We receive frequent phone calls from "Bounce Backers" who report reduction of their pain and stiffness from arthritis. Some even report progress to the point where they don't feel a need for pain medication for the first time in years.

I am a diabetic and my feet are always cold. Will this help? Yes. But, PLEASE, consult with your health care professional before starting any exercise program. The combination of increasing your heart rate during exercise, using the large muscles of the legs, and improved oxygenation of the blood due to deep abdominal breathing all work together to better circulate to the extremities. Many of our customers report feeling warmer, even report watching their feet turn from gray to pink during a Bounce Back session.

Is the Bounce Back Fitness Chair good for people with back problems? Usually. But, PLEASE, consult with your health care professional before starting any exercise program.Orthopaedic and Chiropractic professionals have cautioned that persons with ruptured or herniated spinal disk conditions should not use this device. People who suffer lower back discomfort from muscle aches often report mild to moderate relief of symptoms, especially if strengthening the abdominal muscles helps their condition.

My mother is 76 years old. Can she use it? Yes. But, PLEASE, consult your health care professional before starting any exercise program. The oldest person to use the Bounce Back Fitness Chair is over 90. Many customers are in their 70's and 80's. Because you can use the Chair gently or vigorously, and because you can sit while gently bouncing to get ready for the next exercise, people with less strength find the Chair easy and comfortable to use. Give the gift of fitness - help them feel like a kid again!

How long should I use it? How often? For beginners, we recommend 10 to 15 minutes at a time, once or twice a day, for the first couple of weeks. Not only does this help you get used to regular exercise, it gives the lymphatic flushing a chance to cleanse your body. Drink plenty of fluids an hour before each session, and again after. For most people, after a couple of weeks, you can increase the time and intensity of your Bounce Back sessions, working up to a goal of 30 minutes every day. "I find 10 minutes in the morning gets me going and ready for the day. Another 30 minutes at night during my favorite TV show gives me the exercise I need. Some days I focus on strength work, other days I run aerobically a lot. On the weekend, I do a little bit of everything."

How hard is it to put together? Easy. If you follow the instructions and do it yourself, it should take about 10 minutes. If you have help, it may take up to half an hour. (Go ahead, read it again. It was a joke, but there is some truth to it!) The four metal frame pieces only go together one way and the screws use a standard "+" type screwdriver. The seat comes pre-assembled. Just hang the springs and tie the spring safety covers.

How long will the springs last? All of our parts carry a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Under normal use, the springs should last 2 to 4 years. Just like the tires on your car, they will need to be replaced eventually. We recommend replacing all four springs at the same time, and, in fact, only offer springs in sets of four. If a spring should ever stretch or break prematurely, the safety covers that are tied to the frame will catch you, along with the other 3 springs. That is why it is so important to check the safety covers regularly.


Specifications & Video

Bounce Back Fitness chair SPECIFICATIONS:

REGULAR SPRINGS (100-250 lbs)- Steel Alloy, Custom Design

FRAME - Thick Wall, Tubular Steel

FINISH - Scratch Resistant Powder Coat

SEAT - Double Sewn, Nylon Reinforced

Size of frame:

27"width overall (24.5" approx. opening)

Shipping weight - 48 lbs.

Assembly required.

Color: Black


Heavy Springs (200-350 lbs.)* $50. Add’l at time of original Chair purchase

Extra Heavy Weight Springs (300-450 lbs.)* $75. Add’l at time of original Chair purchase

New Hard Adj. Seat (add'l) $25. Add’l at time of original Chair purchase

Single device, single setting: No motors, weights to change, positions to adjust, or elastic bands to move. The Bounce Back Chair can replace several other exercise machines.

No IMPACT on Knee or Ankle Joints: weight bearing is taken off the legs. Overworked, stiff, or injured joints are free to move without strain.

Adaptable: Bounce Back Chair can be adapted to almost any body condition.

WARRANTY - 1 year

FREE TRAINING VIDEO, and assembly instructions are included with all Bounce Back Fitness Chairs.



Chair Options

Bounce Back Chair options available:

Bounce Back Fitness Chair w/ non-adjustable Sling Seat - Minimum weight is 70 pounds to 250 pounds. This fixed seat fits most people who are more or less 'normal weight'. Unnecessary unless you are wider at the shoulders or hips.

Bounce Back Fitness Chair with Adjustable Back Strap Seat - Recommended when two or more people will be using the same Bounce Back Fitness Chair who are greatly different sizes and weights, OR if you are wider at the shoulders and/or hips.

Bounce Back Fitness Chair w/ Fixed Hard Seat and Adjustable Back Strap Seat- Minimum weight is 70 pounds to 250 pounds.

Bounce Back Fitness Chair with HEAVY DUTY SPRINGS and Adjustable Seat Approximate weights - 250 - 350 pounds (maximum recommended). Do NOT order this unless you are in excess of 260 pounds as it will be hard to bounce. Springs are not 'better; just stiffer and more difficult to bounce.

Bounce Back Fitness Chair with EXTRA HEAVY DUTY SPRINGS and Adjustable Seat 300 - 400 pounds (maximum recommended). Springs are not 'better; just stiffer and more difficult to bounce than the Heavy duty springs.

Bounce Back Fitness Chair - Heavy Duty Chair option! Add the new ADJUSTABLE Hard Seat, instead of the sling seat as shown in photo. (Upgrade adds to price and must be added to your new chair order so it will replace the sling seat).

Standard Springs for the Bounce Back Fitness Chair - set of 4 can be added to your purchase of the Heavy Duty, or Extra Heavy Duty - must accompany the new chair order to avoid additional shipping charges.



The Bounce Back Fitness Chair increases muscle mass and tone; elevates heart rate gradually and steadily, enhancing cardiovascular fitness. It also promotes deep breathing.


Non-impact aerobics (est. 400 to 600 calories burned / hour); increases metabolism. Using the Bounce Back Fitness Chair is enjoyable and fun to use; exercise with greatly reduced discomfort or pain. Have fun bouncing off the excess blubber using The Bounce Back Fitness and Exercise Chair & Rebounder in the privacy of your own home. Exercise while watching your favorite TV program and you'll enjoy it exercising on a regular basis.

DIABETES - Increases circulation to feet and legs. Fun weight control exercises. You can exercise while you watch TV or listen to music.

SENIORS - Increases circulation and muscle tonality; safely strengthens bone and increases calcium absorption; easy on hips, knee and ankle joints with virtually no impact. Weight bearing is taken off the legs. Overworked, stiff, or injured joints are free to move without strain.

MS, FIBROMYALGIA - Secure and safe exercise modality; stronger muscles can be used to exercise the weaker ones.

ARTHRITIS - Increases range of motion; improves circulation, which is the key to reducing pain.

CHRONIC FATIGUE - Self regulating exercise intensity; subtle whole body activity.

CFIDS - Advantages include correcting dysautonmia, the dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system that underlies many of the symptoms in CFIDS. The up and down motion essentially regulates autonomic tone and improves the autonomic nervous system.

PARKINSON'S and STROKE - Secure and safe exercise modality; unaffected by tremors; effective even with activation by only one side of the body.

PHYSICAL THERAPY, LIMB INJURY, DISEASE - Focus exercises achieve many repetitions in a short time; only requires a single limb for activation that benefits all limbs. Can be adapted to almost any body condition, including paraplegic. There are now about 1,000 chiropractors using the Bounce Back Chair for spinal therapy - less than 1/2 the impact of walking. [Caution: persons with ruptured or herniated spinal disc conditions should not use this device. ANYTIME EXERCISE HURTS - STOP IMMEDIATELY regardless of what type of exercise you are doing.]

CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH - Achieves 65% of maximum heart rate within a few minutes - in a controlled, zero impact activity.

BLIND or PARTIALLY SIGHTED - Secure and safe exercise modality; allows working of every muscle group without changing any settings.

STRESS REDUCTION - Through the gentle bouncing motion of the Bounce Back Fitness Chair you will experience a wonderful release of stress and a deep feeling of relaxation. Reducing stress can relieve pain in muscles and joints as well as improving mental stability.

STIMULATES LYMPHATIC FLOW - The lymph system is literally your body's 'Tree of Life'. Lymph fluid is clear and surrounds every cell in your body. Its function is to neutralize, remove or dissolve the toxic wastes that build up in your body and provide your cells with a clean environment in which to perform their life building tasks. When the lymph system fails to function properly, excess fluid and poisons build up in the body and pain, loss of energy, infections and disease can take place.

Bounce Back Fitness Chair - The BEST Fitness Chair & Rebounder will stimulate the activity of the lymph system and help it to perform its function more effectively, speeding up the flow of lymph fluid by as much as ten times, increasing your body's ability to eliminate toxins and provide needed nutrients to each cell. Exercise combined with rebounding activity produces enhanced circulation of lymph flow.

STIMULATES BLOOD FLOW - The gentle bouncing motion experienced in the legs and arms whole sitting in The Bounce Back Fitness Chair, stimulates the muscles in your thighs, knees, calves and ankles, increasing the circulation of blood to legs and lower body. Some individuals experience increased feeling in their hips and legs. Better circulation provides more warmth in your hands and feet.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by lacestuff
08/08/2016 - 11:06:10 AM
I have been a bouncing fool Ever since I got my bouncy chair. I use it several times a day. Finally an exercise that doesn't hurt my back or my knees that is fun. That's why I've been using it so much because it's fun. I knew if I ever found something that was fun to do I would love it. When you're a kid the playground is full of fun things to play on but we didn't realized it was exercise. That's what's wrong with being an adult. Exercise equipment is no longer fun till now! That's the secret. Make exercise fun. If you have a large tush get the hard seat. I got the sling seat because most of my weight is in my stomach. You wouldn't think that sitting and bouncing in a chair would be exercise but it's working well for me. I actually get winded. My heart starts pumping harder and my body tingles all over. I haven't tried any of the exercises yet. Just bouncing is enough for now.