Bounce Back Chair Info


NOTE:Suitable application of “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair is solely the responsibility of the individual user.  Please consult your health care professional before beginning any exercise program. 


 This versatile fitness apparatus offers a wide range of options for treatment, therapy, and fitness prescriptions.  Full body involvement coupled with 70 to 90 repetitions per minute helps produce surprising results with a variety of exercises.

Typically, people report that “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair stimulates circulation, exercises muscles and joints with no impact and also allows them to completely control the intensity of the workout.

 It is the exercise that makes the difference; it is “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair that facilitates the exercise.  Listed below are some of the common uses and results of “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair.


     •    General Fitness: Increases muscle mass and tone; elevates heart rate gradually and steadily, enhancing cardiovascular fitness; promotes deep breathing.

     •   Weight Loss: Non-Impact Aerobics (est. 400 to 600 Cal/hr); increases metabolism; people finally enjoy exercise! 
     •    Diabetes: Increases circulation to feet and legs. Fun weight control exercises. 
     •    Seniors: Increases circulation and muscle tonality; safely strengthens bone and increases calcium absorption; easy on hip, knee and ankle joints with virtually no impact. 
     •    MS, Fibromyalgia: Secure and safe exercise modality; stronger muscles can be used to exercise weaker ones. 
     •    Arthritis: Increases range of motion; improves circulation, which is the key to reducing pain. 
     •    Chronic Fatigue: Self-regulating exercise intensity; subtle whole body activity. 
     •    Parkinson’s and Stroke: Secure and safe exercise modality; easy to 
     balance; unaffected by tremors; effective even with activation by only one side of the body. 
     •    Physical Therapy, Limb Injury, and Disease: Focus exercises achieve 
many repetitions in a short time; only requires a single limb for activation that benefits all limbs. 
     •    Cardiovascular Health: Achieves 65% of maximum heart rate within a few minutes - in a controlled, zero impact activity. 
     •    Blind or Partially Sighted: Secure and safe exercise modality; allows working of every muscle group without changing any settings.

“Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair is helping people get back on the road to fitness in a way no other exercise machine has!  The unique technology and benefits of the mini-trampoline in an easy-to-use chair has a dramatically positive affect on everyone who uses it, but especially for those individuals who have difficulty with other forms of exercise.  “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair offers a choice that works!

Bounce Back to better health and fitness with “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair!  This zero impact exercise can be performed by anyone, in the comfort of their own home.  And you can do it while you watch TV, talk on the telephone, or listen to music!



Through the gentle bouncing motion of “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair, you will experience a wonderful release of stress and a deep feeling of relaxation.  Three of the best-selling drugs in the USA are used to treat stress-related illnesses; 80% to 90% of all visits to health care professionals are a result of stress-related illnesses and issues; and 70% of all accidents are stress related.  Constant stress has been linked to many serious diseases with entire centers and clinics for stress reduction and stress management are becoming common in our busy would.  Exercise appears to be the most effective way of releasing the stress response in a healthy manner.  “Bounce Back” The Fitness chair is a wonderful tool for managing physical stress.  After 20 minutes in the “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair, you well feel like a new person. Reducing stress can relieve pain in muscles and joints as well as improving mental stability.  To understand the great ability of the “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair to reduce stress, you have only to try it!


 The lymph system is literally your body’s “Tree of Life”.  Lymph fluid is clear and surrounds every cell in your body.  Its function is to neutralize, remove or dissolve the toxic wastes that build up in your body and provide your cells with a clean environment in which to perform their life building tasks.  When the lymph system fails to function properly, excess fluid and poisons build up in the body and pain, loss of energy, infections and disease can take place.  “Bounce Back”The Fitness Chair will stimulate the activity of the lymph system and help it to perform its function more efficiently!  The lymph fluid circulates completely through the body approximately two times every 24 hours.  “Bounce Back”The Fitness Chair can speed up the flow of the lymph fluid by as much as 10 times, increasing your body’s ability to eliminate toxins and provide needed nutrients to each cell.  Only deep breathing exercises have a similar impact on the lymph system.


The gentle bouncing motion experienced in the legs and arms while sitting in “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair, stimulates the muscles in your thighs, knees calves and ankles and increases the circulation of blood to your legs and lower body.  Some individuals have experienced increased feeling in their hips and legs.   Better circulation provides more warmth in your hands and feet.

The blood caries oxygen to every cell in our bodies and improved blood circulation means more oxygen and more nutrients for every cell.  As the lymph system provides our cells with a clean, balanced environment in which to function, improved blood circulation provides more of the nutrients the cells require for proper function.



The basic exercises have been divided into the four areas of influence:

 1.  Overall circulation 
 2.  Lower body 
 3.  Mid-section 
 4.  Upper body

As a reminder that we doing these exercises Allfit Enterprises, LLC and their independent distributors make no medical claims, expressed or implied. Suitable application of “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair is solely the responsibility of the individual user.  Please consult your health care professional before beginning any exercise program.


 When starting your exercise program make sure that all bolts are completely 
tightened according to the printed installation instruction.  Also, make sure the safety shield is tied securely at both top and bottom.

You should examine both the bolts for tightness and the safety ties are being tied properly at least monthly.





Springs …......... Steel Alloy, Custom Design 
Frame ...……….... Thick Wall, Tubular Steel 
Finish ....... Scratch Resistant Powder Coat 
Seat ........ Double Sewn, Nylon Reinforced

         Hard Seat, Platform Inserted *

Warranty ................................. 1 Year 
Weight Capacity ...................100-250 lbs.

Heavy Springs .......................200-350lbs.

Extra Heavy Springs ................300-450lbs. 
Size ............. 27 wide x 36 deep x 66 high 
Shipping Weight ........................ 48 lbs.

Frame Color ........................... Charcoal

*Extra Cost for Hard Seat

The basic exercises will be broken down by each body area.  These are only suggestions for you to consider.  You will find other muscle movements that you will want to try.  Remember to consult your health care professional before you begin any exercise program.   If you experience any severe pain, stop the particular exercise unless it is a recovery exercise, then only perform 2 or 3 reps to start, then add a few additional reps as you feel you are able.

With “Bounce Back” The Fitness Chair there are a few basic rule of thumb procedures that you must remember when using the chair.  These procedures are:  

1- Always sit straight in the chair with your “tush” as far back in the seat as possible.  You should have your back against the back strap.

2- Place hands in the most comfortable position either at the your side, on the front bar or on the upper bar.

3- Feet should be flat on the floor unless you are instructed otherwise.

4- You should have a gentle bounce of 3-5" - you should never bounce hard enough to leave the seat of the chair. 

This will help with over-all circulation of fluids in the body, and  will improve relaxation and reduce stress.

Special Instruction:

◄   Breathe deeply - good breath control is important for good circulation for both blood and lymphatic fluids.                                           

◄   You can leave your arms dropped to your sides for   good relaxation and stress reduction.

◄   To activate the lymphatic flow you should work up to the point that you can continue the bounce from 3 minutes  to 10 minutes then to 20 minutes per day.


This will improve body toning of the hamstrings, thighs, stomach and “tush”.  This will also improve circulation and lymphatic flow, 
cardiovascular and stamina.


1.  “Russian Dance” - We refer it to the Russian Dance because the movements are similar to the Cossack Dance of Russia.


Special Instructions:


a.   Always sit back in the seat with your hands on the front bar.

b.   Make sure you are breathing deeply but comfortably.

c.   Start with a gently bounce no more than 3" to 5" bounce.

d.   Scissor your feet back and forth.  See the picture to the right.

Helpful Hints:

a.  Make sure that you tap the floor with the heel on the front stroke and the toe on the back stoke. This with improve circulation in lower legs and give the bones a slight impact to improve weight-bearing ability of the bones.

b.  The longer the stride the more muscle and calorie burn you will receive. (Estimated calorie burn is 400-700 calories per hour, depending on weight and stride).

c.  Start this exercise for a few minutes and a slight stride then increase stride and time.  (The first 20 minutes burn carbohydrates, then you will start burning fat.)       

e.  If at any time you feel winded stop the feet moving, but you could continue bouncing. 

2.  Outer thighs - This exercise is similar to the “Russian Dance” with only slight variations.  This will work the outer thigh muscles. 

Special Instructions:


a. Make sure that you are sitting properly with “tush” back in the chair.

b.  Place your hands on the front bar, or on top bar if you have a hard time creating the bounce.

c. Like the “Russian Dance” except cross-over one leg over the other moving the leg as far as comfortably possible and tap the ground.

d. Then crossover the other leg over the first leg.

e. Repeat alternating leg movements


Helpful Hints:


a.   The more extreme the movements the more the more work on the thighs.

b.   Breath deeply for good circulation.

c.   Start with exercise only a few minuets, then increase the time as you are able.

d.   If you get tired stop the exercise, but you might consider continuing to bounce.



3.       Inner Thighs - this will work the inner thigh muscles.


Special Instructions:


a.   Sit in the normal position making sure that your “tush” is back in the seat and   that your arms are on the front bar if possible.

b.   Create a gentle bounce using feet and arms.

c.   We will create a “T” formation

d.   Move your feet together straight out in front taping your heals to the floor.

e.   Then move the feet again together to a position directly under the seat,  taping the floor.

f.   Then move the feet to each separate side touching the chair bar just behind the front chair support.

g.   Then move your feet back together under the seat of the chair.                                                                                  h.   Then start the same movements again.


Helpful Hints:


a.     Breath normal deep breaths

b.     Make the moves smooth and graceful.

c.     As with all exercises start with only a short period of time then increase as your abilities increase.

d.     Rest often and if you get out of breath stop.


e.     Remember your Bounce Back Fitness Chair if an excellent resting chair to swing and rock.


 An easy mid-section exercise that has virtually no back stress.


1. Upper Mid-section or Abs - This will work the upper abs and thighs.


Special Instructions:


a. Sit straight in the chair with your “tush” as far back in the seat as possible.

b. Place your hands on the front bar (harder) or upper bar (easier). 
c. Make the bounce gentle using your arms.

d. Raise one or both knees as high as possible toward your chest.

e. Hold the knees close to your chest as long as possible without letting them bounce. 


Helpful Hints:


     a. Breath deeply and hold for 4-5 bounces.

     b. Start with only 10-15 bounce to work up to where you can do this workout

     for 5 minutes. 
c. Hold your knees steady don’t them bounce. 
d. Knees should be above the seat level. 
e. The higher the knees the more work on the abs or mid-section will occur. 
f. Start raising one leg then work up to where you can raise both legs. 
g. Keep bouncing to relieve pressure on back 



2. Lower mid-section or abs - This will work the lower abs, hamstrings and thighs.


Special Instructions:


a. Sit straight in the chair with your seat as far back as possible. 
b. Place your hands on the front bar (harder) or upper bar (easier). 
c. Make a gentle bounce with your arms. 

d. Raise one or both legs straight out in front of you and as high as possible. 
e. Pull your toes back toward your body. 
f. Hold your legs up as high as possible an as straight as possible.



Helpful Hints:


a. Hold breath for 4-5 bounces then release. 
b. Hold position with gentle bounce for 10-15 bounces.

c. Start with one leg then over a period of time raise both legs. 
d. Knees should be above the seat. 
e. Start this exercise slow at first add height and bounce as you are able. 
f. Good breathing will help with this exercise as well as total circulation. 
g. Always keep bouncing this will relieve pressure on back.



3.     Overall mid-section or abs - This is a good cardiovascular and mid-section workout.  


Special Instructions:


a. Again, sit straight in the chair with your seat as far back as possible.

b. Place your hands on the front bar (harder) or upper bar (easier).

c. Make the gentle bounce with your arms.

d. Raise one knee as high as possible towards your chest and hold.

e. Raise one leg straight out in front of you as high as possible pulling your does  back towards your body on this leg and hold.

f. Hold for 5-10 bounces then alternate leg positions.


Helpful Hints:


a. Good deep breathing is essential. 
b. Hold each position for 5-10 bounces before you switch. 
c. Start with 5-10 bounces to begin with then add more as you are able. 
d. Remember to raise your knee and leg as high as possible. 
e. To make this even harder lower your hands on front bar. 
f. Hold position for 5-10 bounces; do not switch legs on each  bounce. 
g. Always keep bouncing to relieve pressure on your back.


   4. Obloquies or Love Handles - Great exercise to work those storage cells.




Special Instructions:


a. Sit straight in chair with seat as far back as possible.

b. Place your hands on the front or upper bars.

c. Make a gentle bounce with your arms.

d. Bring both legs together, raise them as high as possible, then pull them to one side as close to the side bar as possible.

e. Hold them for 5-10 bounces.

f. Then move them to the other side as close to the side bar as possible.

g. Then repeat the same positioning but straightening your legs out in front of you


Helpful Hints:



a. Always keep bouncing this will relieve pressure to your back. 
b. Good deep breathing is essential. 
c. Start with 5-10 bounces to begin then add more as you are able. 
d. Hold each position 5-10 bounces before you switch. 
f. To make this exercise even harder lower your hands on the front bar. 
g. Also to make this exercise even harder add leg weights.




This will tighten and firm up the upper body.  You can adjust this exercise to your personal fitness needs.  You might feel that these are too easy, but remember that for every 3 minutes you will do 90 reps. There are two principles in muscle gain - heavy weights few reps or light weights and many reps.


 1.  Biceps: You can build big arms as well as firm up those sagging arms.


Special Instructions:


a.  Sit straight in the chair while seating as far back as possible. 
b.  Place your hands on the upper bar in the middle. 
c.  Do not use your feet, tuck them under your seat off the floor. 
d.  Make a gentle bounce with your arms.


                                                    Helpful Hints:


a.  To adjust the difficulty of this exercise you change the tightness or position

     of hands.

b. Do 10-20 bounces then move your hand position to the front of the bar. This works the pecks.

c.  Do 10-20 bounces then move your hand position to the back of the bar. This works the shoulders, spine, and lower back muscles.

d.  Breath normally by deep constant breathing.

e.  For a harder workout hold your-self at the top of the bounce for a second or two then continue the bounce.

f.   If you feel tired or in pain stop immediately.




2.  Triceps - This exercise is especially good for that hard to reach part of the arm, the under arm, “the gobbler” or that part that keeps waving 
when you stop.


Special Instructions:


a.  Sit straight in the chair with your “tush” as far back in seat as possible. 
b.  Place your hands out flat on the bar with fingers and thumb out straight. 
c.  Tuck your feet under your seat off the floor. 
d.  Make a gentle bounce by pushing up on the upper bar in the center. 
e.  Push yourself down in the seat.


Helpful Hints:


a. The harder you push up the more it will work the tricep muscles.

b. Do 5-10 bounces with your hands in the straight flat position.

c. Now move your hand 45 degree so that your fingers are pointed towards the

     back bar. 
d.  Do 5-10 bounces with your hands in this position. 
e.  Now move your hands another 45 degree where your fingers are pointing in towards your face. 
f.  Do another 5-10 bounces pushing in this position. 
g.  Now you are ready to move your hands to the front and back of bar to work all upper muscles. 
h. Make sure you are using deep constant breathing concepts. 


3.  Long Extension - This will help work your pecks or chest definition.


Special Instruction:


a.  Sit straight in the back of the seat. 
b.  Place your hands at the front upper corner bend of chair. 

c.  Create your bounce by pushing your-self down in the chair. 
d.  It is best not to use your feet for the bounce except to balance your bounce.




Helpful Hints:


a.  Do 10-20 bounces in this position. 
b.  Make sure you breath deep constant breaths. 
c.  For variations you can place your hands on the front bar and do the “Russian

Dance”.  But this time extend your arms then bring yourself closer to the front bar.

d.  Make sure your chair is on a non-slip surface. 
e. Another variation is to use the high cross bar with the pad. 
     (Do not over extend your arms, use upper side bar if necessary). 
f.  Again do enough bounces to tire you. 
g.  These exercises have the ability to work your lower back muscles. 
h.  If at any time you have pain in your back STOP! 

4.     Miscellaneous Exercises – The following exercise can be used to help with arms, shoulders, chest, lower back and base of the neck.


Special Instructions:


a. Place your arms through the springs to the very back of the chair.

b. This will stretch your chest muscles.

c. Move your hands up and down the bar.

d. The upper part of the bar will work the upper neck and shoulders. The lower

     part of the bar will work the lower back.

e. You can either leave your feet flat on the floor or do the “Russian Dance” in combination.

f. To work the lower back you can place one arm through the spring to the back

bar and the other arm on the same side front bar.  Do not make this move when you are bouncing.  After 10-20 bounces stop bouncing and switch sides.

g. If at any time you feel pain, STOP!