Quarterfold Instructions

***Remember: Unless you're traveling with it, it's not necessary to fold your Rebounder all the way up; you can always simply fold in the legs and stand the circular Rebounder up against a wall, as it Is only 3 inches wide and takes up very little space inthat shape.
Here is the easiest way I've found to open and close your Quarter-Fold Rebounder.

Opening your Quarter-Fold Rebounder
Once you've opened it from ¼ to ½ and are getting ready to push it open the whole way and it snaps into place (which can be scary at first), do the following:
First notice that there are 4 hinges; the main hinges that fold the Rebounder in half are the segmented ones. These are the ones you’ll want to put your feet behind as you stand on the upside down frame.
Open 2 legs, one at the 10:00 position and one at the 2:00 position. Make sure they are pushed into the hole and twisted so they lock in place; meaning you can’t pull them out of the hole.
Standing on the frame opposite the side you've opened the legs on (one foot behind each hinge), hold onto the 2 open legs and use them to slowly push the Rebounder into the full open position. Using the legs like this instead of holding onto only the frame gives you more control and means you don't have to bend over so far to get the Rebounder open.  Slowly pushing it open this way until it gently snaps into place is easy to do once you get the hang of it.
Closing the Quarter-Fold

Use the same technique as described above. Leave the 2 legs at the 10 and 2 o’clock positions open (imagine a clock face) and hold onto them while you stand on the frame opposite them (behind the hinges) and slowly pull the legs (and that half of the frame) toward you. Once the tension is released, step off the frame, close the 2 legs, and fold the Rebounder the rest of the way.
recommend you perform this opening and closing a few times so you become familiar with the process and aren't scared or put off by the procedure. If you feel the need, have someone help you with it the first time or two until you feel comfortable enough to do it yourself. Using this method anyone, of basically any size, can safely and easily open and close this ingenious apparatus.
Congratulations to you for choosing the Quarter-fold Rebounder; I know you’ll love it, and if you use it consistently you'll transform your body with it. This tool is worth more to me than all the machines in the highest tech gym put together. It is the Ultimate Exercise with virtually no negative repercussions to your structure.

yours for Health, Blue