Why buy a Quarterfold

*I base this essay, and all of my writings, on over 20 years of hands-on, personal research and experimentation. I don’t recommend, or sell, anything that I do not personally use on a daily basis. I have very high standards and realize the value of a dollar, the importance of quality, and perhaps most importantly, the functionality of a product. If I recommend something to you it is only because it’s something I’ve found crucial enough to use myself, and therefore highly recommend to my family and friends.

for Health, Blue

ReboundAir Quarter-Fold Rebounder
  Review by Blue Dunn

Folks, I just got my new and improvedReboundAir QuarterFold delivered to me, having sold the one I’d been using for a few years to a friend, and I’m thinking I’m receiving basically the same Rebounder as before. Let me tell you how pleasantly shocked I was when I set it up and stepped up onto what I affectionately, and appropriately refer to as
my “Time Machine”, because it Turns Back My Aging Clock and raises my Level of Health each and every time I use it.
With a new revolutionary  Spring design, this Quarter-Fold Rebounder (the only model I make available to my family, friends, and clients), was completely Silent! Not a sound coming from this apparatus; the sound that I just took for granted with other models I’ve used.

The high-tech Permatron Mat, which was before, already superior to other rebounder mats
, felt soft and cushy to my bare feet, while still giving a horizontally firm integrity to the bouncing surface. The “horizontal integrity” I refer to is one of the most important aspects in determining benefits of a Rebounder. This is due to the design quality, number, and placement of the Springs, as well as the quality and material of the Mat.

*If the bouncing surface has too much give in it, is too soft/giving, “dipping” in the middle, the feet will pronate (the ankles collapsing medially/inward) when Rebounding, causing the ankles to take a continuous sideways imposed negative stress. This wreaks all kinds of Structural Havoc through the body as it tries to compensate to this negative stress. As a Body Mechanic, trust me when I tell you about this crucial aspect in determining the functionality and effectiveness of a Rebounder.

As I’ve said elsewhere:
“Rebounding is the Ultimate Exercise; in my opinion, proper use of a Rebounder effectively replaces all the machines at the Gym, and not only replaces them but far exceeds the benefit gained vs the detriment to the Structural Body diminishing your Health and Fitness”…read my book “Rebounding, the Ultimate Exercise; a Total Fitness Program for Everyone”. If you’re thinking about making the serious purchase of a Rebounder, I urge you to take my advice and get yourself the unique and Top of the Line Rebounder, the ReboundAir Quarter-Fold. If you’re not sure that Rebounding is right for you, take my word for it that this time-tested device will not let you down, and will be a constant welcome companion of your for the rest of your travels down the path to Health and Fitness!


There are a number of reasons why you should buy the ReboundAir Quarter-fold. I'll attempt to state my case clearly, and I'll tell you now that my purpose is not for my personal gain. Before I say anything else though, the main reason to buy a Quarter-fold is not because of its ability to fold up into a fairly small, portable package; which it does. That's a nice feature but not the selling point. Buy the Quarter-fold Rebounder because it's the most stable, highest quality Rebounding unit ever made. Buy the Quarter-fold even if you never even plan to ever fold it up for storage or transport. Once you try it and compare it to any other model, you'll understand why I'm saying this. I think most folks mistakenly believe that if a Rebounder folds then it loses stability and that's not the case here.

My work for the last 20 years has been to learn and share the easiest, simplest, most effective methods to regain and maintain health and fitness. Rebounding is the very best form of exercise you can perform, as it positively affects every system of the physiologic body. NASA calls rebounding "the most effective form of exercise yet devised", and I'll show you why the ReboundAir Quarter-fold is the very best rebounding unit ever made. That may seem to be a sensational claim but it's really very easily demonstrable.

For one thing, the Quarter-fold was developed by Al Carter, the world's foremost authority on Rebound Exercise and was engineered with the help of the engineering department of Brigham Young University. The Quarter-fold was the culmination of 12 years research and development. This was the first time that the physics and mechanics of the rebound apparatus were studied and taken into consideration during the process of design and manufacture. Up to that time the process was simply one of haphazard hit and miss. This fact is obvious on examination and use of the Quarter-fold in comparison with any other rebounder.

You may have concluded, like I mistakenly did at first, that a non-fold would be the most stable unit, and that a half-folding unit, although more convenient for storage or transport, would be less stable because of the hinging aspect of it; and if that's the case, then it would follow that a quarter-fold would be the least stable of them all. I'm here to tell you that the opposite is true; that the ReboundAir Quarter-fold is the most stable, highest quality model available, as well as being extremely portable.

At first, I didn't even want to spend the extra money on a half-fold, thinking I was giving up stability for convenience and portability. I did buy one though, and was happy when I set it up and used it, comparing it to the inexpensive standard non-folding model I'd had for years (the type most people are familiar with). After experiencing the half-fold, I became curious about the Quarter-fold rebounder and purchased one shortly thereafter.

What I discovered is that there is as much difference between a $50 model and a $200 half-fold model, as there is between a $200 half-fold and the ReboundAir Quarter-fold. There is really no comparison regarding quality or function between the Quarter-fold and any of the other rebounders.

The difference is due to the 3" (high and wide) composite frame. Even with the same pad, springs, and legs as the ReboundAir half-fold, the difference between the half-fold and the Quarter-fold is as different as night and day.

To me there really is not a huge difference between any of the Rebounder models in the $150-$200 price range. They are similar enough that I do not believe you could tell them apart in a blind-folded test.
*From my research though I believe that any of Al Carter's ReboundAir rebounders are of superior quality.

The Quarter-fold, on the other hand, is unique and in a class by itself; there being nothing else like it on the market, and easily discernible by looks and function.

In my exercise room I have a non-folding model, a ReboundAir half-fold , and a Quarter-fold rebounder for comparison purposes. When given a chance to experience all three Reboundair models, the Quarter-fold is chosen each and every time. That's the main reason I'm telling you to go with the Quarter-fold ; if given the chance to try the different models side by side, I guarantee you would do as everyone else has done, and chose the Quarter-fold Rebounder.

This is especially true if you understand the value Rebounding can play in your quest for Health and Fitness, and if you're planning on using your quarterfold on a daily basis for the rest of your life. Believe me when I tell you that it's worth the extra $89 (or whatever it is) to get the very best, highest quality Rebounding unit available.

It's not just the quality of the Quarter-fold I'm trying to make my case with; it's how it feels to use it. I find the half-fold (standard, too) too springy, too soft. I like to really get moving on the Rebounder and I've discovered that it's not hard to get out of control on the half-fold. I also don't like how it seems to cause a pronation (turning inward) of the ankles because of the softness of the bounce. The bounce on a cheap rebounder is too stiff and causes a shock to the system and I find the bounce on the half-fold to be too soft. The bounce on the Quarter-fold is not stiffer, but more solid, if that makes any sense. Again, every single person who was given the chance to experience the Quarter-fold and a standard or half-fold, chose the Quarter-fold for some reason. Think about that...

How It Looks
Another reason I recommend you purchase a Quarter-fold is its appearance. There is no other rebounding unit like this one. It's a piece of sculptured art; like seeing a Ferrari parked next to a Pinto--the quality is inherent and apparent in the design.

Finally, the quality of the Quarter-fold is above question, and like its look, is obvious on examination. Why not chose the highest quality Rebounding unit, this tool which will be your daily partner on your quest for health and fitness?

Take my word for this and spend the extra couple of bucks and purchase a ReboundAir Quarter-fold for your home. By the way, I am a distributor for Al Carter's ReboundAir company, and I basically make the same amount of money no matter which model you may purchase. My intention is not to sell you a higher priced product but to feel good about delivering to you the highest quality rebounding unit available. Think about it, this is something you will be using for a long time to come. I guarantee you will not regret the extra expenditure and that you'll thank me everyday you use it to create greater Health and Well-Being for yourself.