Reboundair Rebounders
Quarter Fold Rebounder
bulletQuarter Fold Rebounder
Rebounding for weight Loss, lowering blood pressure, muscle strength, osteoporisis,
and more
Price: $429
+ Free Shipping
Half Fold Rebounder
bulletHalf Fold Rebounder
Our Half-Fold rebounders are easy to fold up, carry and store. Built with the best materials available, at the highest level of workmanship.
This model has a metal frame.

Price: $349
+ Free Shipping
plyometric rebounders
Plyoback Plyometric
bulletPlyoback Plyometric
Rebounders Plyoback Reflex
The new PlyoBack is more than just a rebounder, it's a fully integrated training station integrating a balance station, a angled plyometric jump station, a jog station,
and medicine ball rebounder all
in one simple system.
Price: $599.00
PLUS $165 Shipping
Plyoback Reflex Rebounder
bulletPlyoback Reflex Rebounder
package with
rack and medicine balls
The new Plyoback Reflex is our newly
redesigned medical ball rebounder built to meet the stresses of any physical therapy clinic and athletic training room.

Price: $914.00
PLUS $165 Shipping

coming soon
Reboundair Rebounder Accessories and Supplements
Exerciser / Stabilizing Bar
bulletExerciser / Stabilizing Bar
for rebounders/mini trampolines
Reboundair's unique stabilizing bar to expand your range of exercises and give additional balance. Excellent for rehabilitation, children, first-timers, elderly, disabled, blind or for those who want to perorm more complicated moves with their rebounder! Easy to assemble.
Price: $65.00
Plus $12 Shipping
Stabilizing Bar $77.00
Price includes shipping
Bounce Back Chair!
bulletBounce Back Chair!
Rebound Exercise in the comfort and safety of a chair! For general fitness, weight loss, seniors, diabetes, MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue, Parkinson's, stroke, blind or partially sighted, physical therapy, cardiovascular health.

Price: $495.00
Free Shipping
Palm weight pair
bullet Palm weight pair
Using these palm weights during rebounding will help increase upper body tone
and caloric expenditure.
Price: $9.95

Free shipping when you order
along with one of our rebounders.
Otherwise, the shipping cost is $8
Rebound Aerobics Videos
bulletKeep On Rebounding!

The "Keep On Rebounding!" best seller is now available on DVD!
The added advantage is the digital menu. Use your remote control to "jump to" your favorite chapters. No rewinding, fast forwarding...

Price: $19.95

+ Free Shipping