Reboundair Rebounders

Rebounders have been around for years. However, never before has it been manufactured with such stringent specifications. You would think that by making a rebounder as portable as ours, sturdiness would suffer. Not true. Our Quarter-Fold and Half-Fold Rebounders are able to stand up to the same stress as our standard non-folding units. All of our ReboundAIR™ Rebounders come with a money back guarantee and the best warranty in the rebound exercise industry.Also available: plyometric medicine ball rebounders.

Benefits of rebounding exercise:

  • Rebounding provides full aerobic and strength workouts. You will absolutely love our new rebounding DVD!

  • Rebounding improves muscle tone, firms skin

  • Rebounding produces significantly less shock (impact) to joints than jogging. ReboundAIR mini trampolines vs. Treadmill

  • Increased G-Force (gravitational load at the bottom of the bounce) creates a better workout for weight loss, strength improvements and bone mineralization

  • Can also be used by injured, disabled, and elderly. See Bounce Back Chair

  • Rebounding is excellent for rehabilitation

  • Rebounding improves balance and coordination

  • Rebounding is convenient, cost effective and FUN!

  • A great starting point for the sedentary or a complimenting training mode for the

  • Rebounding improves circulation and immune function

  • Rebounding stimulates Lymphatic System drainage preventing edema, bolstering cellular health

  • Children LOVE to bounce! Watch them quickly gain a keen sense of balance

  • Top quality Rebounder equipment is used, endorsed and recommended by Doctors, Trainers, Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists

  • ReboundAIR™ rebounders work well with existing exercise equipment for a more complete workout

  • There is a large variety of exercise routines for all fitness levels
    For more detail about how the body responds to rebounding, please read "42 Ways" By Dr. Walker and Al Carter