ReboundAIR™ Specifications:

"Best built, most innovative rebounder on the planet." -Al Carter, Author/CEO, Dr. Bruce Reid, Orthopedic Surgeon, and thousands of satisfied customers!

·         Highest caliber, wide belly springs creating a softer, more resilient bounce Put the ReboundAIR springs to the test! characteristic of the ReboundAIR™.  Larger, longer and stronger than competitor brands.  These are the toughest springs on the planet.  

·         Permatron™ mat, with double sided reinforced circumference bands.  The highest standard of quality for decades of regular use.  Meticulous workmanship to withstand 300 pound user weight.  You will not find a better mat!

·         The most innovative, safe, durable hinges on the planet...  accept no imitations!  The ReboundAIR hinges are rounded and internally bolted.  No spring cover tears so common with our competitors' brands.  Warning:  Watch out for jaw-like, externally welded hinges!  These are difficult to fold, dangerous to fingers, commonly pinch carpet and tears the spring cover.  Please compare leading brands before Low wear connections you purchase.

·         Innovative spring-to-mat "bullhorn" connection.  Innovative spring-to-frame "spring bolt" connection.  These ideas dramatically increase the rebounder's life expectancy!

·         Virtually indestructible metal frame.  Baked on, high gloss enamel paint.   Rest at ease, with our famous All-Component Lifetime Warranty, up to 300 lb. user weight (up to 400 lb on the Quarter-Fold, The Ultimate Rebound™).  Lifetime Warranty and Free Replacement on the springs, mat, frame, our exclusive hinges, legs, spring bolts, studs... every component!  

·         The Half-Fold (frame folds in half, legs fold under) and Quarter-Fold (frame folds twice, legs fold under) have the same structural integrity as the Standard ReboundAIR™ (frame does not fold). To our on-line catalog!  

·         All ReboundAIR™ rebounders have fitted legs that unlock and fold for storage, even on the Standard model.

·         All ReboundAIRs have a full 40" diameter.

·         Colors: black with chrome 

·         Height: 10"

·         Weight:  The Quarter-Fold weighs in at 28 lb.  The Half-Fold and Standard each weigh 32 lb.

·         30-day money back guarantee.

·         Folding models come with a FREE good lookin' carrying case.