ReboundAIR™ Rebounders vs. Treadmill


ReboundAIR rebounders



$350 (Standard rebounders) to $400 (Quarter-Fold rebounders)

$499.95 (Proform 385RP) to $7,995.00 (Cybex 900T)

Claim to fame #1:

"Fun way to get fit!" and "Low level of stress to the joints."

"Good alternative to outdoor jogging."

Claim to fame #2:

"Lymphatic stimulation" and "Improved balance / coordination."

"Variable speeds and inclines."

Possible movements:

Unlimited variety following "Rebound Aerobics" videos or your own favorite steps. Rebound to music or during your favorite TV show, on the deck or in the family room.

Only walk, jog or run in a straight line.


The use of ReboundAIR rebounders poses no pattern of harm. High-end rebound exercise equipment is commonly used in physical therapy clinics and recommended for patient in-home use. People of all ages, from the toddler to the elderly, absolutely love to exercise on a ReboundAIR rebounder. "Safe and effective." -Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation. Read more!

Bad falls resulting in skin abrasions and contusions. Shin splints, chronic joint problems also common.  Not for children. Children should not be allowed near the treadmill while in use!  Not for many people with disabilities. 

Common complaint #1:

"Where can I find a model that holds up?" see ReboundAIR™ rebounders vs. Jump King™

"My treadmill motor burned out (or is 'slipping')... What now?"

Common complaint #2:

Complaints are rare.


Common complaint #3:

Complaints are rare. 

$$  Expensive repairs.  $$

Common complaint #4:

Complaints are rare.

Not portable.

Common complaint #5:

Complaints are rare. 

Complicated troubleshooting.

Upper body workout:

Encouraged. This is called "Aerobic Resistive Rebounding." Inexpensive hand held weights are an effective way to improve upper body tone. 

Most treadmills do not come with upper body workout attachments.  The use of hand held weights while exercising on a treadmill is possible but discouraged.  Hands must remain free to grab the cross bar to prevent falling.

Pace / Caloric expenditure:

Rebounding allows you to set your own pace according to your physical condition.  Following the "Keep on Rebounding!" video, approximately 300-350 Calories are burned.

Varies. 8 mph to 12 mph maximum preset speeds. 300-350 Calories per 5K (3.17 miles).

Bottom line:

Save some money and purchase a top quality ReboundAIR™ rebounder. This is what many customers wish they had known before their experience with a treadmill!

In order to get a satisfactory product in the treadmill industry, spend no less than $1,000.

If you decide to purchase a treadmill, be sure to purchase an extended warranty covering parts, labor, and preferably "on-site service" (because shipping is a bear)!