Vision Therapy and Rebounding

Excerpt from the Enhance Your Vision workbook.

"The eyes are wonderful tools for the examination and understanding of the universe, as well as primary sources of social contact and self-expression. Shakespeare said, "The eyes are the windows of the soul." It is now known that the eyes truly are mirrors of our physical and emotional health. They function as an accurate index of what is occurring within the body and mind. Their examination can inform us of approximately 3,000 different functions or conditions pertaining to our physical health, as well as accurately indicate our mental states and individual styles of operation.

The eyes, which are actual extensions of the brain, are more intricate and complex than any humanly conceived system to date. A space shuttle with its 5.2 million parts, could be compared to a single eye, containing 137 million photoreceptors and more than 1 billion total parts!

Although the eye and brain represent only 2% of body weight, they require 25% of our nutritional intake. The eyes alone use one third as much oxygen as the heart, need ten to twenty times as much vitamin C as the joint capsules involved in the movement of our extremities, and require more zinc (our intelligence chemical) than any other organ system in the body. The first symptoms of dehydration are visual impairment.

Housing 70% of the body’s sense receptors, the eyes are the entry points for approximately 90% of all the information we learn in a lifetime. As a matter of fact, of the three billion messages relayed to the brain every second, two billion are sent from the eyes. The posterior third of the brain, which houses the memory bank and much of our intelligence, is also the portion of the brain used for vision.

Although most people think of their eyes as being unchangeable (if diagnosed as being nearsighted, always nearsighted or if farsighted, always farsighted) the eyes are the most changeable part of the body. The eyes instantly adjust to many types environmental stimulation both inside and outside the body. They have the ability of adjusting to vision therapy techniques, making it possible to see clearer with visual training. Rebound exercise, a cellular exercise stimulates and challenges all of the cells of the body including all of the cells of the eyes and visual cortex. ENHANCE YOUR VISION WITH REBOUND EXERCISE takes the latest in vision therapy techniques, and combines them with the latest in rebound exercise to provide for you a really workable vision enhancing experience.

Try it. You just might gain a better outlook on life."

--From the desk of Al Carter


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