Rebuilder Medical Faq's

Rebuilder Medical Frequently Asked Questions

"Does it hurt? What does it feel like?"

Answer: The ReBuilder feels good.  The signal feels like a tiny tingle that pulses on and off.  You can manually adjust the intensity setting for maximum comfort.

"Do the conductive socks give the same stimulation as putting your feet in the footbath?"

Answer: Yes, they perform the same function and some people report that they work better.  We developed them for those who have a little trouble managing the foot bath physically.  With the conductive garments (socks, gloves, and tubes for the knees) you can treat yourself on an airplane at the office or at home with your feet up on the couch.

"How will I know when it is working?"

Answer: As for the ReBuilder itself operating properly, the ReBuilder has an indicator light on its face that lights up every time a signal is sent.   This will tell you if the unit itself is generating a pulse.   To test the wires that lead to the signal pads, you can hold one signal pad in each hand (or get another person who has a healthy nervous system to hold it in their hands) and slowly increase the intensity setting until you can feel it.   You can wet the pads to increase the conductivity if necessary.

As for whether your ReBuilder is working to reduce your symptoms, this can be a subjective analysis based upon your particular set of symptoms.   Usually, during the actual 30 minute treatment session, the sensation of pain will be totally gone, and then you will experience a significant reduction in pain for 2 to 4 hours.   Then, this benefit should gradually increase in effectiveness and length of time with each successive treatment.   This is because not only do the peripheral nerves need time to regenerate, but the brain must then re-connect with these now healthy nerves and re-learn to interpret the new incoming signals.   If you are taking any pain medications, then your results may take longer until you are able to reduce your prescriptions with the help of your physician.   Pain meds work by suppressing the nerve signals, and can actually make your neuropathy worse over time.

"What if it stops operating? how long is it warranted for?"

Answer: The ReBuilder carries a 5 year warranty against problems with workmanship.   If you have a problem, you can return it and we will repair it or replace it at our option and return it to you and we will pay the return shipping charge.   ReBuilders built in 1988 are still working perfectly.   Non-workmanship or customer damage failures will be considered on an individual basis.   For example, one patient's dog ate through the wires and another patient set it on his car roof and drove off.   We replaced both for free.   85% of our sales are referrals so we want you to keep your ReBuilder running so you can share your success stories with others.

"Is the Rebuilder approved for medicare?"

Answer: Yes, please contact directly for more information.

Can everyone use the ReBuilder?

Answer: the ReBuilder is safe for almost everyone.  As with all medical equipment we suggest that pregnant women and children should not use the ReBuilder.  It is contra indicated for patients with certain pacemakers, especially those with the defibrillator accessory.  You can check with your cardiologist and even have him call us for a technical consultation to determine if you can use the ReBuilder under his direct supervision.