Rebuilder Medical benefits

Rebuilder Medical Benefits

A recent study of 480 patients indicates 95% responded to ReBuilder® home therapy system with reduced pain and/or reduced numbness and increased mobility.

Neuropathy symptoms can be described as similar to the sensation felt when your foot "falls asleep". For example, the pressure from sitting on your foot compressed either the nerve itself or the blood supply that feeds the nerve. With no signal now coming in from your foot, your brain misinterpreted this lack of signal as tingling or numbness. Your body naturally knew what to do: move off your foot and then wake-up your foot by tapping it on the ground. You had to remove the problem and then wake up the nerves that "went to sleep". This is exactly what the ReBuilder does: it sends a larger signal from your feet to your brain to wake up your sleeping nerves. Simultaneously, the ReBuilder sends a signal to your calf muscles to contract and relax to improve blood flow to feed these newly re-awakened nerves.

When a nerve is deprived of oxygen, rather than just die, it has the ability to temporarily reduce their need for oxygen by physically shrinking. When this happens the nerve changes shape. It retracts like a rubber band. If you can imagine a line of rubber bands laid on a table with a gap between them, this is what your nerves look like. They do not touch one another. The nerve impulse travels along the nerve and then has to jump across the gaps between them. When they shrink, the gaps between them gets bigger. These gaps are called synaptic junctions. If the gap is too large, then like a spark plug with too big a gap, the signal cannot jump across and the signal never reaches the brain. Signals from the brain also cannot return to take a message to your feet so you have trouble walking and keeping your balance. It is hard to keep your balance if you do not know where your feet are, or on what sort of surface you are walking.

The ReBuilder's signal is big enough to jump cross this gap. This wakes up the nerve and it relaxes and shortens the gap so subsequent normal signals can get through. Now awakened, the nerve needs more oxygen and other nutrients so the ReBuilder provides that by stimulating the calf muscles to contract and relax. This stimulates what we call the "venous muscle pump" which pushes blood back up the leg through the veins to the heart. This signal also strengthens the calf muscles so that increased blood supply occurs even after the ReBuilder treatment.

Can the ReBuilder help numbness?

Yes. Numbness is perceived when the brain does not receive valid signals from your feet or hands. the signals have somehow been interrupted. The dangerous part of numbness is that you may experience an injury to your feet and not know it. This can result in infection and perhaps gangrene and amputation. Most prescription meds that are taken for neuropathy actually make numbness worse. rebuilder medical 2407

They can cause mental confusion, memory loss, trouble with keeping your balance and gait, and digestive issues.

Even if you continue taking prescription pain medications, the ReBuilder will work for you but it may take a little longer for your ReBuilder to do its job because the drugs are putting your nerves to sleep and the ReBuilder is waking them up. With time, your ReBuilder will allow you to begin to reduce your medications. Please be patient if you are taking prescription medicines like duloxetine (Cymbalta), gabapentin, (Neurontin), amitriptyline (Elavil), nortriptyline (Aventyl, Pamelor), desipramine (Norpramin and other brand names)and carbamazepine (Tegretol).

Recent research has shown that many cases of neuropathy are related to a deficiency of available oxygen, either chronic or acute. Without the proper oxygen levels, the peripheral nerves have reduced their metabolic rate to compensate. This is accomplished by a physical atrophying of the nerve cell, causing it to shrink. This shrinking enlarges the synaptic junction between the axons of one cell and the dendrites of the next. As the synapse gets bigger, it is harder for a normal intensity electrical nerve impulse to jump across this gap. Another issue is when the nerve cell shrinks the myelin sheath also contracts the the normal alternating polarization of the sheath is cancelled, which slows down the signal and provides an electrical resistance to the flow of the nerve signal.

The ReBuilder™ is designed to jump this gap, waking up the dormant nerve cell, relaxing the shrinking nerve cell thereby restoring the normal plus/minus polarity along the nerve axons and dendrites, and re-setting the set points for sensitivity.

This phenomenon of shrinking can occur when the patient suffers from chronic sleep apnea, excess levels of glucose displacing the oxygen, free radicals adhering to the Oxygen thus making the oxygen metabolically unavailable, or peripheral artery or vascular disease.

Secondary damage resulting from diabetic ischemia in the microvascular portions of the skin, chemical damage from Agent Orange, chemotherapy, trauma, over control of blood pressure causing low pressure in the extremities, anti-cholesterol meds like statins etching away the myelin sheath of nerve tissue, and the normal side effects of pain meds like Neurontin, Cymbalta, oxycodine, oxycontin,and percocet that purposefully ablate nerve function, can all result in the symptoms of neuropathy.

Therefore, what is needed is a way to stimulate the nerves to re-awaken, a way to re-educate the nerve paths for these newly awakened nerves and a way to cause angiogenesis in the periphery to support the added burden of the metabolic needs of these newly functioning nerves.

The ReBuilder™ is your answer.

The ReBuilder™ is a combination of TENS and EMS technology with a unique twist.

Rather than use the usual waveform of TENS that overrides the nerve signal we used sophisticated equipment to measure the unique waveform of a healthy peripheral signal and used this waveform amplified many times. Then we added the EMS signal to passively exercise the calf muscles to stimulate the venous muscle pump to increase local blood flow.

For enhanced patient compliance, we used a warm water footbath to deliver the signal across the entire surface of the foot for comfort, simplicity and to cause vasodilator of the capillaries of the skin to infuse the area with freshly oxygenated blood.

Neuropathy Mystery Solved:

People just like you, all over the globe, have discovered that their nerves can be rebuilt and full function restored.  It does not matter what the cause of your neuropathy is: idiopathic, diabetic, chemotherapy induced, or trauma to the lower back.  The basic cause is all the same.  Portions of your nerves were starved for oxygen.  They responded with the only survival tool they had: they shriveled themselves inward, they reduced their length to conserve energy, and the gaps between the nerves were stretched to the point that a normal sized nerve signal could no longer jump this gap.  Like the gap on the spark plug in your car or lawn mower, if that gap gets too big, the spark cannot jump across.


Actual shrinkage of Nerve Cells Resulting in Widened Synaptic Junction

This increased gap, like the spark plug that has too big a gap, made it difficult for normal nerve impulses to pass from one nerve to the other.  This means that some of the impulses accumulated until they were big enough to violently jump the gap.  You may have felt this as a shooting pain.  These blocked nerve signals may have been perceived as numbness.  Without proper connection to your brain, the blood vessels in your skin respond unpredictably and this can be perceived as burning or tingling. This process can be progressive and eventually result in gangrene and amputations.