Rebuilder Medical 2407

Price: $1,299.00
Manufacturer: rebuilder medical
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Promotions: Includes free foot bath.

The Rebuilder 2407 is shipped directly from Rebuilder Medical. You will still have access to Rebuilder support and the lifetime warranty directly from Rebuilder Medical.


Conductive Socks (+$125.00)
Conductive Gloves (+$125.00)
Rebuilder Foot Pads (+$250.00)
Knee straps 1 pair (+$185.00)
Elbow&ankle straps 1 pair (+$185.00)

Rebuiler Medical 2407

Neuropathy Nerve Stimulator: The Rebuilder Medical 2407 Kit

Bonus: the Rebuilder 2407 comes with a twin compartment foot bath and electrosalt. 

Optional: your choice of conductive socks or gloves.

The Rebuilder Medical is portable and you can adjust the intensity to your level of comfort. You can use the rebuilder with the conductive garments which are woven with a special conductive thread for even stimulation distribution and maximum comfort and efficiency.  You can also use it with the footbath, which feels like a pulsing massage for your foot. We have had great customer feedback on this product and many people have seen improvement of their symptoms. For best results use in conjunction with a vitamin b supplement, particularly MethylCobolamin (the methyl form of B12)
- Blue Dunn

Rebuilder 2407: Our most progressive & innovative ReBuilder of all time, with biofeedback integration and automatically variable waveform technology.

The Rebuilder Medical 2407 Kit Includes the following:

  • The ReBuilder® 2407 Electronic Stimulator
  • 2 lead sets and 1 set of adhesive signal pads to apply the signal to your body. Pads should last 2 months, thereafter, you can order more inexpensively ($3 month).
  • Twin Compartment Footbath
  • Electrolyte (32oz) solution for the footbath provides essential minerals to increase the therapeutic response of the ReBuilder stimulation, supports vascular health and reduces leg cramps. Specifically formulated with Nano-Silver
  • 2 non-adhesive pads for use with the footbath
  • Lifetime warranty. If anything goes wrong with your unit, Rebuilder Medical will fix it or replace it.
  • Detailed instructions with photos and suggestions are included.
  • AC Plug-in Adaptor option for more power.
  • 2 Sets of Lead Wires
  • 9 volt battery
  • Portable and will also will run off a 9 volt battery.
  • 30% More Powerful
  • Larger knobs
  • Includes EMS setting
  • Plug-in or battery operated
  • Dual Outputs
  • TENS Setting

The ReBuilder® 2407 comes complete with everything you need to begin your treatments immediately.

The ReBuilder®: Safe, Effective Nerve Pain Treatment

The unique, patent pending ReBuilder is a Neuro Electronic Therapy device: it calms down overactive nerves (hyperactive nerve syndrome) and stimulates sleeping nerves (hypoactive nerve syndrome) to eliminate nerve pain, combines with a neuromuscular stimulator for strengthening weak muscles and increasing local blood flow. It is fully cleared with the FDA since 1987. The ReBuilder has been in production for 23 years, prescribed by over 12,000 physicians and used by over 300,000 patients successfully. It is made in the US by a FDA audited facility by US citizens, and is ISO 6000 certified The ReBuilder has spawned a succession of "me too" imitations made in China that has come and gone over the years.

Proven 95% effective for painful symptoms of neuropathy, MS, RSD, restless leg syndrome, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, arthritis, and other forms of chronic pain.

The ReBuilder is contraindicated for patients who have pacemakers, implantable devices, are pregnant, are suffering from thrombophelebitis (blood clot). Check with your physician for his advice if you are in any of these categories.

*A/C adapter included for US voltage. Depending on your area, you may have to use a voltage convertor.



  • Rebuilder Medical is simple to operate.
  • It is 9-volt battery powered medical device that fits in your hand and sends tiny electrical signals to your nerves and muscles.
  • Nerve stimulation rebuilder reverses its direction and returns to the original foot.
  • Nerve treatment nerve stimulator stimulates the muscles of the calves to contract and relax as if you were walking briskly in your neighborhood to increase muscle tone and increase blood circulation.
  • It opens up the nerve paths and re-educates them so that normal signals can finally get through, not just masking your pain.
  • Power source: AC adapter or 9 V battery

Plug-in Adaptor

For those who would like more power, the 2407 offers a plug-in option. With 30% more power while plugged into the wall, you get the most out of the ReBuilder™. For portability the 2407 also runs off of a standard 9V battery.

The ReBuilder Medical uses a tiny electrical signal to wake up nerves that are temporarily dormant or asleep due to past oxygen deprivation. The ReBuilder's patent pending signal is a precise copy of a healthy nerve signals, but stronger. This healing signal travels from one foot, up that leg, across the synaptic junctions and nerve roots in your lower back and then down to your other foot. Then it reverses the polarity and this nerve impulse then travels back to your original foot. This back and forth action effectively stimulates all the nerves of both legs and feet. At the same time, the ReBuilder® stimulates your calf muscles to contract and relax, as they would naturally during exercise, such as walking, to increase local blood flow and strengthen your calf muscles for better mobility. Once your nerves are working again, they will require additional blood flow.

The ReBuilder signals also cause the brain to release endorphins, strong pain relievers that travel via the bloodstream to all parts of the body, not just the hands and feet. These natural pain relievers can reduce depression and physical pain without any negative side effects.

Because the path of these healing signals is from foot to foot, the ReBuilder® re-educates the nerve paths. This re-education makes sure the normal signals that follow travel the correct paths. Neuropathy can short circuit the paths so that a signal from the big toe, for example may go to the little toe instead of up the foot and leg to the spinal column. this confuses the brain and the brain either over-reacts and you feel a shooting pain or it learns to ignore big toe signals and you feel numbness or tingling.

The FDA groups the ReBuilder with EMS (electronic muscle stimulator) and TENS (transcutaneous Electrical Nerve stimulator) devices, but unlike common TENS devices that merely block pain signals, the ReBuilder does the opposite: the ReBuilder® opens up the nerve paths, re-educating them to transmit normal nerve signals to the brain.

Neuropathy is not caused by cold and cannot be cured by heat or else a normal bath would be a cure. Remember, the ReBuilder stimulates all the nerves electrically from you waist on down and increased permanent blood flow by increasing the strength and size of your calf muscles.

Effective in Treating Pain

The ReBuilder Medical has proven effective in treating pain from the following conditions:

  • Neuropathy
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Diabetic Nerve Pain
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Diabetic peripheral neuropathy
  • Age Related Peripheral Neuropathy (ARPN)
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Post polio Syndrome
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tarpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Piriformis Entrapment Syndrome
  • Chronic, inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
  • Idiopathic neuropathy
  • Axonal neuropathy
  • Chronic, intractable pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Peripheral Artery disease (PAD)
  • Venous Stasis
  • Disuse muscle atrophy
  • Post-op pain & rehabilitation
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Symptoms related to Lyme's Disease
  • Symptoms related to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Chemotherapy induced neuropathy


How to Use

How do I use the Rebuilder?

There are three ways to use the rebuilder medical: footbath, coductive garments, or adhesive pads. Your Owner's manual will explain in more detail. Place the small rubber pads on the bottom of your feet or the palms of your hands, sit back or rest in your bed and enjoy a pleasant tingling sensation that feels like a professional massage. During this process, your ReBuilder is automatically rebuilding your nerves and muscles, resetting the sensitivity levels of your nerves back to normal, and relieving pain all over your body. After the relaxing 30 minute treatment, you continue your daily activities feeling much better, knowing that each time you use your ReBuilder, the benefits accumulate.

The ReBuilder is contraindicated for patients who have pacemakers, implantable devices, are pregnant, are suffering from thrombophelebitis (blood clot). Check with your physician for his advice if you are in any of these categories.


How does the ReBuilder work?

Here is how the ReBuilder works:

When you first turn your ReBuilder on, it sets its output parameters for your physical mass by measuring the electrical analog and digital impedance of your body. It knows if it is treating a 125 lb woman or a 350 lb man. If you use the ReBuilder directly on your lower back, it knows that. You would obviously need a different amount of signal for variations like these. This is a unique safety feature of the ReBuilder. No other unit offers this level of safety.

The ReBuilder then sends out a "test" signal that represents the most common waveform for healthy peripheral nerves. (Diagram # 1) This signal goes from one foot, up the leg to the nerve roots in your back, down the other leg, to the other foot.

It then waits for an echo -like response from this initial signal. This phenomenon is similar to the patella reflex when your doctor hits just below your kneecap with a little rubber hammer and your leg kicks out.

When this initial signal reaches the other foot, an automatic response sends a signal back to the ReBuilder. (See the illustration of these signals going back and forth above.)

The ReBuilder analyzes this returned signal in a split second and analyzes for returning waveform for aberrations. (Diagram #2)

Just as a Cardiologist can take one look at the shape of the signal displayed on the EKG monitor above the patients bed in the hospital and diagnose what is wrong with the heart, we have been able to identify that the peripheral nerves have a very particular shape to its waveform, and we can diagnose the nature of the problem from analyzing that waveform. This feature is built into the ReBuilder and processed by its internal microprocessor.

Abnormalities in the shape of the waveform on the way up indicates issues with numbness; the shape of the top of the waveform indicates the ability of the nerve to deliver the signal long enough for the brain to receive it all; abnormalities in the downward slope of the waveform indicates pain, and the shape of the refractory period below the baseline (as the nerve cell repolarizes itself) indicates the ability of the nerve pathway to prepare for the next signal.

The ReBuilder then creates a compensating waveform (similar to the Bose headphones that cancel out the background noise on airplanes). Where there is too much energy displayed, the ReBuilder adapts the treating waveform to reduce that energy. Where the waveform indicates too little energy, it increases the energy in that area. This process goes on 7.83 times every second, sending a signal, analyzing the returning signal, creating a compensating signal, and sending this new signal.

The reason for the 7.83 Hz frequency is that it takes time for the nerve cell to re-polarize (or reset) itself between its transmission of nerve signals. Minerals have to squeeze through little holes in the cell wall, and then return. This takes time. We have found that if we slow down the treatment to 7.83 times per second, it gives the nerves time to re-polarize and get ready for the next signal.

A common TENS signal uses an unnatural, uncontrolled, simple signal 90 to 100 times per second precisely to stop the nerve from operating. This may temporarily give some pain relief, but can cause more numbness, and can permanently damage the nerve cell possibly resulting in permanent paralysis.

In effect, the ReBuilder acts like a pacemaker works for your heart's electrical signals. If the pacemaker does not send exactly the right signal, then the four chambers of the heart may not pump in the right order and if the signal is too fast or too slow, the heart stops. So, too, the ReBuilder's precisely controlled waveform coaxes your nerves to transmit their signals in the proper order.

Although essentially similar to TENS relative to the FDA's regulations, the ReBuilder's signals are vastly more controlled and precise.

You can think of the ReBuilder as a pacemaker for your nerves.

The following illustrations are an artist's depiction of the waveforms of peripheral nerves and are simplified for educational purposes.

ReBuilder Medical | Normal peripheral nerve waveform

Diagram #1: A normal peripheral nerve waveform.

ReBuilder Medical | Abnormal peripheral nerve waveform

Diagram #2: Abnormal peripheral nerve waveform.

ReBuilder Medical | Abnormal waveform overlaid by the ReBuilder therapeutic waveform

Diagram #3: Abnormal waveform overlaid by the ReBuilder therapeutic waveform.

One interesting, beneficial side effect of the ReBuilder.

When used at bedtime, most patients report that they can sleep better.

They also report a gently "lifting of the fog" that can clear their mind and improve their memory.

They also report a lessening of pain from other causes like arthritis, sprains, headaches, etc for a few hours.

The ReBuilder's signals, (as they cross the synaptic junctions in the nerve roots of the lower back to get from one leg to the other), create a small electromagnetic field that is sensed by the nerves in your central nervous system (spine) and a signal is uploaded to the brain to let it know what is happening in the lumbar area. The brain then releases endorphins, internal pain relievers that travel via the blood stream to all parts of the body, and these endorphins temporarily relieve pains in other parts of the body and helps improve your mood. These endorphin modulated benefits are palliative, and only last for about 4 hours, but can offer additional welcome relief.

The ReBuilder is truly a medical marvel!


Lifetime Warranty

Your ReBuilder® device carries a 5 year warranty against defects in workmanship. Additionally, for loss or any accidental damage, you can trade in the damaged unit for 50% off a new unit at the published price.

Within 5 years of date of purchase, if your ReBuilder malfunctions, we will have you return it and we will repair it or replace it, and return it to you.

It is easy to initiate your warranty. Simply fill out and return your warranty card that comes with your ReBuilder within 10 days and you will receive a warranty number via e-mail. Keep this number handy and you can refer to it when you call for any warranty issues.

No other medical product manufacturer we know of, offers such a warranty.

How can we do this? Because we are the original manufacturers, not a relabeller, distributor, or sales company. Your ReBuilder is manufactured right here in the USA by American workers. We have been manufacturing ReBuilders for over 27 years, and we know how indestructible it is.

If your ReBuilder malfunctions, we will have you return it and we will repair it or replace it, and return it to you.

Our Conductive garments carry a six month warranty against defects in workmanship. Should you have a defective garment, please call us for return information. We will repair or replace the garment at our discretion. For personal hygienic purposes, the conductive garments, lotions, conductive gels, electrodes, footbaths etc., is considered a personal hygiene item and thus are all non–refundable. (Anything that comes into direct contact with the skin is not returnable by law.)

The Rebuilder medical is non refundable.

Rx required

The ReBuilder® is a prescription medical device. If you are ordering from outside the U.S., a prescription is not necessary.

In the U.S., however, the ReBuilder may be purchased only on the order of a licensed healthcare provider. The term "licensed healthcare provider" (LHP) includes, but is not limited to: Medical Doctors, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists. The actual scope of professional licensing varies from state to state.

If You Have a Licensed Healthcare Provider

Obtain a prescription from your licensed healthcare provider, then simply email, fax or mail the signed form to us.

Sample Rx wording

  • ReBuilder Model 300 (E0720) for treatment of chronic pain
  • ReBuilder Model 2407 (E0730) for treatment of chronic pain
    AND (where applicable)
  • ReBuilder Conductive Garment Socks (Left and Right) (E0731)
    AND/OR (where applicable)
  • ReBuilder Conductive Garment Socks (Left and Right) (E0731)

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Reviewed by Anna10
08/20/2013 - 02:58:48 PM
Rebuilder 2407
I've been using this for a couple of years on the recommendation of a friend. It took at least 3 months of consistent use to see results, but it was well worth the wait. The shooting pain in my feet that would keep me up at night for years is pretty much gone. I now use the Rebuilder 2407 as needed only a couple times a week. This is the best treatment for neuropathy out there.
  • Rebuilder Medical 300
    Rebuilder Medical 300