Structural Release Roller (3)

Structural Release Roller (3)
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Structural Release Rollers



Note: The small and medium roller are white, lightweight and made of a high quality foam. The large roller is black and is firm in density, has a smooth surface, and will not lose its shape after moderate to heavy use. Fitness and rehab professionals will appreciate the durability and lasting power of this new black roller.

Self Myofascial Release with Therapy Foam Rollers
The simplest, most effective all-around self-maintenance tools you'll find for releasing tension in all the major chronic pain problem areas of your body. They will release and organize your musculature and release and align your skeleton.

Areas addressed:
Spine, Ribcage, Shoulder Girdle, Neck, Your Whole Back, Pelvis, Sacrum, Hips, Thighs, Calves, Feet.

Using my understanding of body mechanics and myofascial release work, I have discovered ways to perform the most amazing structural release / massage bodywork on yourself using these Foam Rollers. They are the perfect compliment to the Flextasy Flexibility System of movement, in that they speed up the process of loosening the body. Once you begin using these Foam Rollers you will wonder how you ever got along without them.

foam roller

They are easy to understand and to use. The accompanying instruction booklet (which I wrote) contains a wealth of information concerning body mechanics, and why most back treatments fail to have lasting results. The concepts, images, and exercises included will enlighten and empower you. Understanding your own body is more important than knowing a professional who may be able to temporarily "fix" you; self-maintenance is the key to health and fitness. You will not find a simpler, more effective method for releasing the old accumulated tension, and the chronic everyday tension, from your body.

Foam Roller

You can think of these Foam Rollers as an insurance policy against injury. Muscle pulls, strains, tears, and even the breaking of bones can be avoided by attaining flexibility and skeletal alignment. Working with the Rollers gives you both of these. You'll feel their effectiveness from the very first time you use them. You do not have to keep getting stiffer and more decrepit as you grow older. You can turn back your Structural Aging Clock by working with these incredible tools.

For less than the price of a single massage, you will have in your possession something you can use everyday, at your leisure, which will enable you to understand and break your own pain cycle. It's like having your own physical therapist, chiropractor, and masseuse in your home, at your beck and call.


Foam roller therapy for back pain 


Because we all accumulate tension in our muscles and also in our joints.
The Rollers not only release chronic muscular tension and pain but can actually restructure your very skeleton towards a more positive alignment with gravity.

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To you this means better posture, more balance and flexibility, and LESS PAIN!

I've been using these Rollers for over 14 years and I attribute a huge part of my current level of fitness to them. I never travel without one and they are something I use everyday for at least a few minutes; while other days I schedule 20 to 30 minutes with them to keep myself on track.
I guarantee you that using these Rollers will change your life and be one of the best things that ever happened to you! Don't delay, get these; you won't regret it!
yours for Health,
Blue Dunn

"Blue's foam roller set and accompanying exercise manual is a great supplement to the flextasy flexibility exercises. When I do about 10-15 minutes of foam roller exercises, I find it helps me perform the flextasy flexibility exercises with greater ease. My flexibility has improved greatly! Thank you Blue for helping to keep me out of pain! I miss your San Diego classes and personal instruction"
- Former San diego Flextasy student from the Sharp Coronado hospital class


3 Structural Release Exercise Foam Rollers : small (3" diameter), medium (4" diameter), and large (6" diameter) .

Each Roller will have a different effect on your body. Small and Medium Rollers work best for your back (from your neck to your sacrum and hips; the Large black Roller is used primarily for your legs.
I tell you ways I use them to my great benefit but you, like everyone else who uses them, will find unique ways to address exactly what is going on with your particular body.
Length of Rollers 18"

Includes Instruction Manual with pictures

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Reviewed by J.saunders
05/07/2014 - 04:26:50 PM
Essential for treating back pain
I got this along with the Blue's Power Moves and Self Maintenance tools DVD. I am very happy with my purchase, I use these every day to treat my pack pain along with the Airslant and MSM. The trio is very effective for my back pain.
Reviewed by sandman
06/10/2013 - 04:55:07 PM
My best friend
I love Evolution health and their products. The roller set is the best thing in my personal;exercise gym. I use it before and after workouts. Highly recommend.