Flextasy! The Functional Flexibility System

Flextasy! The Functional Flexibility System
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Flexibility and Stretching Exercises

You found it! The only Stretching exercise routine you will ever need to learn and practice. It's that powerful!
"More than just flexibility and stretching exercises. This is a comprehensive body sculpting, toning and restructuring program!"

Flextasy! The Functional Flexibility System®
Flexibility and Stretching Exercises

  • Have you been searching for stretching exercises and flexibility exercises that really work? Flextasy testimonials

  • Do you find Yoga too difficult or complicated? shortcomings of most yoga modalities being taught today

  • Are you ready right now to begin dramatically increasing your flexibility, energy, and undo the ravages of time?

    The Flextasy!® functional stretching exercises and Flexibility routine is uncomplicated and easy to learn. The 50 movements are all variations of a few simple themes, and many requiring less than half a minute to perform. Once you've learned the whole routine, and can do all the movements with little effort, the whole thing can be done in 30 minutes.

Using Flextasy Functional Flexibility Stretching Exercises will...

  • help you gain undreamed of flexibility

  • realign your skeleton while elongating your muscles and decompressing your joints

  • minimize and neutralize the negative effects of strength-training or inactivity
  • increase your strength, coordination, and balance

  • unblock pathways to improve fluid (lymph and blood circulation) and vital energy (chi) flows to all parts of your body

  • dramatically and efficiently transform and reorganize your body

Hello! My name is Blue Dunn and in 1990 I created a comprehensive flexibility, stretching and toning exercise program now used by thousands of people across the country. This exercise program will accelerate your levels of flexibility, tone your muscles, increase your energy levels, and change the shape of your body in ways that will amaze you.

The following pages will provide you a more in depth look into the secrets of flexibility. They are modified excerpts from Blue Dunn's books "One Step Forward and Two Steps Back; a revealing look at the way we exercise" and "Flextasy! The Functional Flexibility System" coming soon!Learn more about Flextasy stretcing exercises!





Product Reviews

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Reviewed by MonaT
01/18/2014 - 11:05:53 AM
The best!!!
Great stuff! Helps my hip/low back arthritis and sciatica more than yoga. I now do this instead of yoga. Highly recommended. Blue Dunn knows his stuff.
Reviewed by melindab
06/06/2013 - 01:47:31 PM
Best flexibility program out there
I have tried other programs to improve my flexibility, this is the best of what seems like dozens that I have tried. Blue knows his stuff. I do it a few times a week and my back pain has improved significantly. I highly recommend this!
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