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Pure Synergy's origins

In 1972, on a rainy Alabama road, Mitchell May’s life was changed forever when a speeding car slammed into his vehicle. The collision was so catastrophic that it took 45 minutes to free him from the wreckage. He was left with many critical injuries - the most serious were to his legs, which sustained over 40 fractures as well as severe nerve and muscle damage.

Although his doctors insisted he would never walk again, Mitchell believed differently. Determined to regain his health and the use of his legs, he began his own unconventional healing program. The results were astonishing. Mitchell made medical history when he regenerated nerve, bone and muscle tissue, which doctors said would be impossible. His healing was so phenomenal that it has been documented and studied by medical researchers and featured in periodicals and documentaries.

The Story of Energetic Nutrition

While healing, Mitchell believed regenerative foods were essential to his recovery, so he began an intensive study of the natural healing arts. Fortunately, he was hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center, where research on energetic healing was occurring. There, Mitchell and others began the original Kirlian research. They gathered algae, greens, herbs, mushrooms, sprouts, fruits and berries from around the world. Using a Kirlian research camera and other highly sensitive equipment, they captured the electromagnetic imprint, or life force energy, of these substances on film.

It became apparent to Mitchell and his fellow researchers that those plants emanating the greatest life energy were the same plants, herbs, and wild foods recommended by traditional healers for their potent restorative properties.

Repeatedly, Mitchell saw that these special foods profoundly enhanced well-being and regeneration in ways that isolated, chemical “nutrients” did not. The reason for this was simple: chemicals synthesized in a laboratory cannot replicate the life spark that is naturally present in fresh whole foods. Mitchell believed it was this life spark (captured in the Kirlian photographs) that encourages our bodies to absorb and integrate all the known and unknown beneficial constituents found in living foods.

Drawing from his successful research while at UCLA, in 1977 Mitchell developed the very first perfectly balanced superfood formula that captured the life spark energy that is found in healing foods— Pure Synergy — and The Synergy Company was born.

The next stage of his journey was to make this revolutionary blend of regenerative superfoods available to the public without sacrificing an iota of purity, potency or quality. To accomplish this would require that every ingredient be custom cultivated, processed and blended according to Mitchell’s demanding specifications. This customization was vital, because Mitchell’s research at UCLA demonstrated that conventional growing and processing techniques significantly compromised the energetic vitality and beneficial effects of natural ingredients. These benefits are only present when the valuable “phytonutrients” (natural plant nutrients) are very carefully and properly concentrated and preserved through each step of cultivation and processing.

  Phytonutrients: Agents of rejuvenation

When our bodies are deeply nourished, they have an amazing ability to renew and regenerate. Every day, our cells re-create themselves, but we need much more than vitamins and minerals to optimally support this continuous process. Consistently, we need generous amounts of the protective phytonutrients, enzymes and other active constituents found only in whole, live foods.

Plants capture the life-giving energy of the sun and transform it into a myriad of phytonutrients that act as their immune systems. Not only do these brightly colored compounds protect plants, but they also protect us. Scientists confirm this daily as one published study after another illuminates the remarkable health benefits of phytonutrients. We now know that phytonutrients are potent antioxidants that guard all the cells in our bodies from damage while nourishing our cellular repair mechanisms. In essence, phytonutrients are powerful agents of rejuvenation.

Always made with organic and kosher ingredients, Pure Synergy is an extraordinarily concentrated source of these highly protective phytonutrients. Pure Synergy’s vibrant, richly colored, whole, live superfoods, such as greens, berries, algae, sprouts, wheat grass and special botanicals are densely packed with some of nature’s most powerful antioxidant phytonutrients — lutein, carotenes, chlorophyll, phycocyanins, anthocyanins, glucosinolates, ellagic acid, SOD and many others.

Synergized Cycle

The Synergy Company’s ingredients are fully customized to our exacting specifications. Every step from cultivation to storage is under our complete and caring control.

Unfortunately, not all ingredients and products are created equal, and the quality and quantity of their phytonutrients vary significantly, depending upon growing, harvesting and processing methods. Mitchell uses the term “Synergized” for the complete system he developed to control and optimize each step in the process of creating Pure Synergy's ingredients. It all begins with the use of heirloom seeds and organic farming methods that include carefully timed harvesting at the proper stage of growth.

Mitchell’s Synergized methodology continues beyond organic cultivation and harvesting, including specialized processing that gently releases essential nutrients from the tough, indigestible cellulose fibers of plants. Next, because many plant nutrients degrade quickly when they are exposed to oxygen and heat, Pure Synergy’s ingredients are quickly and expertly dried at very low temperatures in specially designed stainless-steel vacuum chambers. Protecting them from any exposure to heat or oxygen ensures the full potency of the phytonutrients and enzymes. The final result is a deeply concentrated whole-food powder, produced in such a uniquely prescribed manner, that each plant’s amazing continuum of valuable phytonutrients is kept fully intact and fully bio-available.

lab photos

This same all-encompassing attention to detail is also applied to every aspect of the blending, cold-milling, powder-filling, encapsulating, bottling and temperature-controlled storage of Pure Synergy. All of these meticulous steps take place at The Synergy Company’s wind-powered, award-winning production facility that is certified for both organic and kosher production. Here, Pure Synergy’s formula containing 60 Synergized organic ingredients is perfectly blended, vacuum packaged and stored and then shipped to all parts of the globe (Pure Synergy is distributed in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North and South America).

The Pure Synergy Difference
  • Pure Synergy is the original superfood product made with organic and kosher ingredients. Its unsurpassable formula has been refined and perfected during 30 years of clinical research and use.
  • Pure Synergy is produced in our own award-winning, wind-powered FDA-registered production facility, where we are certified to manufacture organic and kosher products.
  • Pure Synergy ingredients are carefully dried using unique cold-temperature technologies that naturally protect and preserve the vitality of the valuable nutrients, enzymes, and other compounds in all our greens, herbs, algae, sprouts, mushrooms, and berries.
  • Pure Synergy offers a wider variety of algae and sea vegetables than any other superfood formula and provides you the broadest spectrum of health-enhancing aquatic compounds available.
  • Pure Synergy offers an abundance of Western herbs and Asian herbs and mushrooms, carefully formulated to maintain the energetic balance of Pure Synergy while contributing optimal tonic benefits.
  • Pure Synergy contains blueberries, raspberries, papaya, and whole apple—some of the richest sources of potent antioxidant phytonutrients, such as anthocyanins, proanthocyanins, quercetin, and ellagic and phenolic acids.
  • Pure Synergy contains 100% grass juices — no whole grasses or grass fiber. This eliminates the nutritionally empty fillers commonly found in other superfood formulas while providing all the vibrant enzymes and nutrients of purifying greens in their most digestible and easily assimilated form.
  • Pure Synergy does not contain any maltodextrin, rice bran, flax meal, barley malt, lecithin or other inexpensive fillers.
  • Pure Synergy ingredients are subjected to over 600 quality control tests to verify their purity and potency.
  • Pure Synergy is vacuum-packed in glass. Our unique, state-of-the-art Ultra Fresh Packaging ensures unprecedented protection for all the valuable phytonutrients in Pure Synergy.

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