Pure Synergy Green Superfood Powder

Pure Synergy Green Superfood Powder
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VitaMin for men or women,Pure Synergy,Pure Radiance C powder,Bone Renewal,Super B,or Manuka Healing honey).


Pure Synergy

Pure Synergy is the most comprehensive and trusted green superfood in the world--the standard by which all others are measured. Rediscover feeling healthy, vital, and energetic again--the palpable effect of this truly potent and unmatched organic superfood.

In use for over 35 years, Pure Synergy is our original and extensively researched flagship formula--blending 60 of nature’s most life-giving and nutrient-rich organic whole food and botanical concentrates into a “wellness food” of perfect nutritional potency. Created to help you restore and regenerate your core foundation of wellness, Pure Synergy is the perfect bridge for the many nutritional gaps we all experience in our modern-day diets. Hundreds of health-supporting phytonutrients—found exclusively in Pure Synergy’s fruits, sprouts, grasses, vegetables, flowers, mushrooms, sea plants, and herbs—all unite to produce a rare “synergy” that helps rebuild your vitality, mental clarity, and optimal well-being.

Unrivaled blend of 60 certified Organic Superfoods

The extraordinary quality of Pure Synergy begins with our hand-selected organic seeds and continues all the way through to its delivery to you. We make Pure Synergy ourselves, to our exacting specifications, at our very own wind-powered, award-winning facility so that we can guarantee its unparalleled purity and potency. Sustainably grown and harvested when its health supporting nutrients are at their peak, every ingredient contributes in a special way to Pure Synergy’s perfectly balanced, full-spectrum formula.

Organic Aquatic Greens

One of earth's most ancient and nutritionally rich life forms, aquatic greens possess an extraordinary collection of concentrated nutrients that deeply nourish your body and mind with their bountiful array of proteins, DNA, RNA, trace minerals and chlorophyll.

Organic Grass Juices and Vegetable Powders

Bursting with regenerative energy, our exclusive fresh grass juices and rich green vegetable powders are harvested at the very peak of their nutritional potency to provide an abundance of beneficial phytonutrients and enzymes as well as purifying chlorophyll.

Organic Freeze-Dried Sprouts

Harnessing all of the elements a plant needs for growth, our organic heirloom sprouted seeds-- with their concentrated energy and bio-active enzymes--are intensely nourishing and powerfully restorative.

Organic Freeze-Dried Fruits

Antioxidant-rich organic wild blueberries, raspberries, apples and green papaya are naturally brimming with valuable bioflavonoids and other rare phytonutrients to protect your cells and feed them with nutritional goodness.

Organic Asian Mushrooms

Our hand cultivated medicinal mushrooms are coveted the world over for their life-extending, immune-supportive, and therapeutic qualities.

Organic Herbal Extracts and Botanicals

Drawn from both Eastern and Western herbal traditions, our specially grown and concentrated organic herbal extracts and botanicals are revered for their long honored ability to balance, regenerate and revitalize your body.

Advantages of Pure Synergy

Your body is confronted daily by an enormous amount of stress –physical,
mental, and emotional as well as a host of environmental toxins.

Pure Synergy creates a core foundation of wellness --amplifying your body’s natural detoxification process and encouraging deep, replenishing cellular renewal --so that you can better handle what life throws your way.

You are unique! Each of us has a personal blueprint with very different wellness needs and health challenges.

Pure Synergy’s intelligent design and far-reaching range of ingredients allow it to work universally, at a multiplicity of levels, to support your body’s unique personal requirements for sustainable good health.

Many “green superfoods” use watered-down ingredients, fillers and additives—trading quality for cost-savings.

Pure Synergy is just that, completely pure, with no fillers, GMOs, maltodextrin, fibers, artificial sweeteners, colorings, flavorings, additives, or preservatives of any kind whatsoever—just 100% pure and potent certified organic whole-food concentrates.

Our modern-day diets suffer from deep nutritional deficits due to the highly processed and industrialized nature of our foods.

Pure Synergy effectively bridges the many nutritional gaps we all experience to provide enhanced vitality, mental clarity, and that renewed sense of being truly alive and whole again!


Pure Synergy has been in continual use for over 35 years and is the most respected and clinically used green superfood in the world. Helping tens of thousands of people just like you, Pure Synergy is the perfect supplement for people of all ages who desire nutrition of the highest quality in order to support, enhance, and help maintain one's health now and into the future. It is used daily by career professionals, homemakers, sports and outdoor enthusiasts, students, seniors and countless others. Pure Synergy provides valuable support to people wishing to cultivate vitality and optimal health, as well as to those experiencing a diminished sense of well-being, whether from the effects of a stressful lifestyle, health concerns, day to day pressures, or less than ideal dietary habits. Mitchell created this special formula to provide deep nourishment and life energy—and it does!



Quality: The “Pure” in Pure Synergy

There’s truly only one way to ensure that every ingredient in every bottle of Pure Synergy will meet the uncompromising quality standards of Mitchell May – and that’s to make Pure Synergy ourselves, in our award winning facilities. The extraordinary quality of Pure Synergy begins with the cultivation of our very specialized ingredients and continues through every stage of processing, packaging and shipping.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Pure Synergy is made with organic ingredients, cultivated and harvested to our exacting specifications. Overseeing all stages of the organic growth cycle not only assures maximum nutritional quality, but also protects our environment and bodies from harmful toxins. All of Pure Synergy’s ingredients are sustainably harvested at the optimal stage of growth, when their nutrients have fully matured.

PERFECTLY PROTECTED: Many nutritional components are highly sensitive to heat and oxygen. Our fresh freeze-drying and cold-drying processes fully protect the heat and oxygen sensitive bioactive constituents and phytonutrients in Pure Synergy’s superfood ingredients. We also utilize special cold-milling equipment. Studies have demonstrated that these unique technologies offer unprecedented protection of all Pure Synergy’s valuable nutrients.

CONCENTRATED AND STANDARDIZED: We concentrate and standardize select ingredients, using slow, non-chemical processes. Our full-spectrum, organic concentrates are many times more potent than those created by other methods.

WELL RESEARCHED: Pure Synergy’s origins go back over 35 years to the original research on energetic nutrition conducted in the 1970s by Mitchell May and a team of international experts at UCLA. In our ongoing research we continue to consult with the foremost experts in the fields of wellness medicine and nutrition.

TESTED FOR PURITY: Pure Synergy’s ingredients are subjected to over 600 quality assurance tests for purity and identity at USDA approved and FDA registered laboratories. These extensive tests guarantee that Pure Synergy contains only the highest-quality, purest ingredients.

STATE-OF-THE-ARTISAN PRODUCTION: Pure Synergy is blended and bottled at our award-winning facility, where we combine the best of old-world, artisan craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology and science. Our facilities are toured regularly by industry experts who marvel at the uncompromising methods we apply to every step of production.

ULTRA FRESH PACKAGING : Glass is the only packaging material that is 100% inert and impermeable (research shows that plastic bottles don’t fully protect against nutrient-robbing oxygen, and they leach chemicals into food). We vacuum-seal Pure Synergy in light-resistant, recyclable glass bottles, utilizing our Ultra Fresh Packaging process. The bottles are hermetically sealed with induction technology to protect all Pure Synergy’s valuable constituents.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND KOSHER: Pure Synergy is manufactured in our organic and kosher facilities, which are third-party inspected and certified. A vegetarian product, Pure Synergy is made from 100% whole food sources without any additives, preservatives, fillers or synthetic ingredients.




Helpful hints for first-time use:

Start slowly:  To allow your body to comfortably acclimate to a deeper level of nutrition, we suggest you start slowly and work your way up to the recommended serving size.

Pure Synergy®:  We suggest beginning with one-quarter to one teaspoon of Pure Synergy or 1-2 capsules, gradually increasing to one heaping tablespoon or 18 capsules, or more daily.  We suggest refrigerating bottle after opening.

Vita Synergy®:  We suggest beginning with 2 tablets; one in the morning and one in the afternoon, gradually increasing to 6 tablets, or more daily.  Please do not store your Vita Synergy in the refrigerator, as it is very sensitive to moisture.  A cool, dry cupboard is great.

Pure Synergy® and Vita Synergy® together:  If you ordered both Pure Synergy® and Vita Synergy®, we suggest you start with one of the products and add the second after a period of two or more weeks. 

Pure Radiance C®, Healing Honey®, Pure Klamath Crystals™:
Feel free to incorporate these products into your diet right away. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  We hope the enhanced sense of well-being people experience when using our products regularly will be a welcome contribution to your life!

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