Super B Complex

Super B Complex
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Super B Complex

Where would we be, without our B’s? Essential for combating daily stress, our Organic Super B-Complex features a perfectly balanced blend of organic, whole food B vitamins and co-factors just as nature intended.

Everyday mental, emotional and physical stress heightens your daily requirement for the essential B vitamins. Over time, sub-optimal levels may lead to nagging symptoms and diminishing health and vitality, leaving you feeling fatigued, stressed and irritable. What’s more, B vitamins are necessary for metabolizing our food into cellular energy, maintaining proper neurological function, creating red blood cells, and more. Complete with the ideal amounts of all 8 of the B vitamins plus their essential co-factors choline, inositol and PABA, our power-packed B-complex formula offers a host of benefits for anyone looking to manage the stress of everyday life and supercharge their health.

Organically Grown Nutrients: A genuine alternative to synthetics

Unfortunately, most vitamins in the marketplace are made with nothing but cheap, ineffective and unbalanced synthetic “isolates” and a load of chemical additives—more like junk food than health food.

Organic Multi

Exclusively grown as organic whole foods, our vitamins and minerals are not isolated, synthesized or adulterated with harmful chemicals. Instead, they co-exist with all their natural synergists, allowing your body to harness their full potential. Plus, our nutrients are grown in accordance with organic certification standards every single step along the way. See and feel the difference of our organic vitamins!

Advantages of Organic Super B Complex

B vitamins are water-soluble and need frequent replenishment.

Organic Super B-Complex’s food matrix form releases nutrients slowly.

The advantage of an organic food-based nutrient is especially profound with water-soluble vitamins like those of the B family since they cannot be stored by the body and need to be replenished frequently. In contrast to a vitamin isolate that is released rapidly and literally flushes through your system in a couple of hours, our Organic Super-B Complex slowly releases its powerhouse of vitamins, providing dynamic energy, stress relief, and other key benefits throughout the entire day.

B vitamins are most effective when all 8 are taken together.

Organic Super B-Complex is perfectly balanced and complete.

There is a natural synergy that exists between the eight discrete vitamins that make up the B family. Just as a symphony orchestra’s full potential is realized when the complementary sounds of woodwinds, strings, brass, and percussion are played in harmony, so too the body reaps optimal reward when the B vitamins are supplemented all together as a "symphony" of nutrients in their proper ratios. Organic Super B-Complex includes all eight B vitamins in the amounts that research has shown to be most effective.

Certain co-factors should always accompany B vitamins.

Organic Super B-Complex includes these: choline, inositol and PABA.

An orchestra also requires backstage support for a full-fledged production; similarly, the B vitamins depend on “behind the scenes” co-factors to fully deliver their benefits. Science has identified several vital co-factors that provide essential support to the B vitamins: choline, inositol and PABA. Our Organic Super B-Complex contains all three in our proprietary food-matrix form.

Exceptional Value
1 Tablet daily; 2-month supply

We invite you to compare the superior value of our B-complex to other so-called “equivalent” whole food formulas in the marketplace. Just one tablet daily provides you with a powerfully complete formula—free from all harmful additives and as a bioavailable, organic whole food. Plus, one bottle boasts a full 2-month supply—that’s less than $12 per month. You won't find another product of the same top quality at a price this good.

Most of the other vitamin products that claim to be made from whole foods are nothing more than conventional synthetic vitamins “dressed up” with traces of whole foods and tons of marketing claims; that’s because doing it the right way for them would be far too complicated and costly. At Synergy, we succeed in offering you the very best prices in the market today because we make everything ourselves from start to finish, and because we structured our business so that we never have to compromise on our rare, potent ingredients and exclusive processes.


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