Women's Organic Vitamins

Women's Organic Vitamins
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VitaMin for men or women,Pure Synergy,Pure Radiance C powder,Bone Renewal,Super B,or Manuka Healing honey).


Women's formula

Women's Organic Vitamin

Formerly Vita Synergy® for Women

Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Women is a foundational step on your path towards genuine health and wellness. Our time-honored, organic formula provides women of all ages a whole new level of inner balance, renewed energy, and radiant health.

Unfortunately, most multivitamins in the marketplace are made with nothing but cheap, ineffective and unbalanced synthetic “isolates” and a load of chemical additives—more like junk food than health food.

Nature’s medium for delivering nutrients to our bodies has always been pure, whole foods. This fundamental wisdom guided every step in the creation of Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Women. In it, we have united our innovative organically grown vitamins and minerals with meaningful amounts of our Synergized® organic herbal extracts created to support and sustain your healthy energy, hormones, heart, mind, digestion, immune system, and overall well-being. The end result is a rich, biologically superior all-in-one formulation that supports and enhances a woman’s body and her vital, life-sustaining processes. Supplement Facts

Designed for Women's needs
  • Broad spectrum support for women of all ages with wide-ranging needs
  • Balances a woman’s natural hormonal rhythms and energy
  • Nurtures healthy hair, skin, and nails—radiance from the inside out!
  • Deeply nourishing and restorative for a woman’s body
Vitamin Herb


Replenish these core nutrients daily…and thrive

Vitamins act as the keys to life, opening up each of your cell’s metabolic doors so you can be properly nourished, healthy, and strong. Only if these vital nutrients are replenished regularly and completely, can you be truly well from the inside out. Yet, try as we might, many of us are simply falling short. With the highly processed, commercialized nature of our foods, getting our nutrient needs met from diet alone is more challenging than ever before (and scientific research backs this up). Combine this with the demands and stress of modern life and having to cope with an increasingly toxic environment and our bodies are really crying out for something more—and better. Thus the absolute need for a high quality multivitamin—not just any, but one that is organic, free of chemical additives (your body has enough!), and is completely bioavailable as food.

Rich in all 13 of the essential vitamins plus their abundant co-factors, Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Women delivers every vitamin that your body requires to thrive and regenerate. Because we believe (and the best research reveals) that your body should have pure nutrients—not artificial chemicals—each of our vitamins is made organically in our unique food-grown form exactly as nature intended. This generates a genuinely different experience for your body, offering a profound level of nourishment that only comes from taking real, whole food vitamins. Our formula features the best, most innovative and genuinely natural forms available including highly esteemed vitamin K2 from natto, vegetarian-derived vitamin D3 in ample quantity, an abundance of Vitamin E and B12, and much, much more. We spared nothing to make the finest organic vitamins available anywhere—and your body will notice.


Essential nutrients your body can’t live without

Minerals are central to good health and indispensable to life. Every one of our cells, tissues, and organs require just the right amount, ratio and form of minerals which act as “catalysts” for all the reactions happening each and every second within our bodies. In fact, minerals are so essential that our bodies maintain a special “storehouse” of sorts so that we can access these life-sustaining nutrients at any given moment. We simply cannot afford to be left with an empty supply.

Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Women contains a unique and balanced blend of food-matrix minerals—not rocks, not chemical isolates. Like our vitamins, each of our minerals is organically grown and part of the highly bioavailable, “whole food” synergy. Gone is the question about whether your mineral supplement is in the optimal form for safety, digestive ease, and absorption. What’s more, the minerals in Vita•Min•Herb were designed to perfectly combine with our plant-based bone health product, Bone Renewal , which contains the ideal amounts of bio-organic calcium and magnesium along with 12 other well-researched, exclusive ingredients. So you can deliver the perfectly packaged bundle of nutrients straight to your mineral storehouse—and never worry about being "out of stock."


Synergized ® herbal extracts for a woman’s body

Vitamin Herb

Along with our organically grown vitamins and minerals, our exclusive Synergized herbal extracts and flower and spice essences are what makes Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Women so very different from anything else on the market today. Relying on both deep, traditional herbal wisdom and the best of modern science, we have carefully selected each fine ingredient from nature to support a woman’s most vital systems—hormone, energy, digestive, immune, brain, and heart. Many multivitamin formulas claiming to contain health-supportive botanicals have nothing more than a “dash” of low-quality herb powders of little benefit—what we call “fairy dust”—just so they can list it on the ingredient label. Don’t be fooled by imposters—get the real thing and feel the difference.

  • One daily serving is equal to an entire ¼ lb (1 full cup) of fresh, organic greens & herbs
  • Contains the equivalent of several stand-alone herbal products—all in just one bottle
  • Energizes, supports and balances your body’s important organs and systems

Targeted system support for your whole body

Women’s Energy and Hormone BalanceFeeling frazzled, exhausted, or just not yourself? Women know too well the ups and downs of hormonal havoc. Your hormones are supposed to work together as a beautiful symphony to provide a sense of balance, poise, and vitality. When this natural rhythm shifts, you are left feeling out of whack. Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Women includes a harmonizing blend of herbs that help you adapt with grace to the normal ebbs and flows of life.

Women’s Heart Care
Your heart is your ultimate life-giving organ. Stress, poor dietary and lifestyle choices, and hereditary factors can all take their toll, leaving you at risk for a weakened cardiovascular system. This is why it is important to take care of your heart now and why we have included a blend of heart healthy botanicals and bioflavonoids in Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Women to offer your heart deep nourishment.

Women’s Immune Protection
Your immune system is the natural protector between your internal and external worlds—a complex force striving to keep you healthy and strong at all times. Traditional Asian medicine and western herbalism have long known and studied the valuable contributions of immune-supportive herbs. Drawing on this wisdom, we have included a rich selection of these very beneficial herbal extracts in Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Women.

Women’s Mind & Brain Support
Clarity, focus, impeccable memory, a healthy brain—all things any woman wishes for. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are losing your youthful mind. As we age, our brain and its cells literally age with us and it is imperative that we to take measures to help maintain their health and integrity. Along with a health-promoting lifestyle, the organic herbal extracts that are in Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Women will support you in this vital endeavor.

Women’s Digestive Ease
Herbal medicines have long been used as digestive tonics to help normalize a temperamental digestive tract. The health of our digestive system is of paramount importance to the health of our entire body, as everything we put into our mouths needs to be translated into absorbable, life-sustaining nutrients. The calming and healing botanicals in Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Women will both ease and strengthen your digestive system.

Women's Flower & Spice Essences
Uniquely prepared to capture the essence of carefully gathered flowers and spices, this subtle blend instills a harmonizing and energizing quality to Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Women. Lavender, saffron, rose, passionflower and a rich assortment of other delicate plant essences perfectly unite to nourish and balance a woman’s unique physiology.


Typical synthesized multivitamins offer incomplete health support.

Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Women is a comprehensive solution with a full spectrum of organically grown vitamins and minerals and targeted, Synergized herbal extracts to deeply support your core health and all your organs and systems.

A woman’s body needs and deserves a unique kind of care.

Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Women was designed to nourish and balance your body’s natural rhythms and delicate homeostasis so that you can radiate luminous health.

When it comes to “women’s formulas” there are so many confusing options.

Organic Vita•Min•Herb for Women eliminates the uncertainly about which formula will suit you best because it delivers all-encompassing support for a woman of any age, through all stages of life.


Whole Food Vitamins for women



Our world-renowned whole food multivitamin with Synergized® herbal extracts formerly known as Vita Synergy® (for Women and for Men) has a brand new look (we just couldn’t resist making a colorful new label), and it now comes in two different sizes for your convenience and pocketbook.

But not to worry! Our classic formula is still the same—with our exclusive organically grown vitamins and minerals and special Synergized herbal extracts—and it continues to be available in its two distinctive formulas: one for women and one for men. Based on the latest scientific research, we have even made some valuable enhancements aimed at creating an even more effective formula for you:

  • The addition of more vitamin D3
  • The addition of highly-esteemed vitamin K2 derived exclusively from Japanese natto
  • Nearly all of our exclusive Synergized herbal extracts are fully certified organic

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