Testimonials for Evolution Bodywork

I am a 48 year old CPA and mother of three children. I started using bodywork therapies 20 years ago combined with an intense, disciplined yoga practice to combat a degenerative joint disease known as ankylosing spondylitis. I have experienced many proficient massage therapists, structural integration therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, etc. over the years in my quest for healing and pain relief. Each of these therapists contributed in some way to my overall sense of well being that I now experience. As a result of this concerted effort, I now consider myself a connoisseur of bodywork. However, I sensed that I had a reached a plateau in my progress; to a large degree each week's session would primarily undo the "damage" imposed on my body from the prior week's stress and contraction from daily life. I desired new and prolonged openings and expansion.

I was referred to Blue by another body worker, (a technical rolfer) over 4 years ago and have been working with him weekly and incorporating his Flextasy philosophy in my yoga practice. I also use tools which Blue has recommended including the roller, the accumasseur and the chi machine on a regular basis.(I hardly travel anywhere without taking the first two with me.)
Blue's program has been outstanding. There are areas in my body that I thought could never achieve movement due to calcification from the degenerative disease process which are now moving. The results have been sustained and cumulative. My yoga practice has accelerated by leaps and bounds; asanas once believed to be out of range for my body are now part of my regular practice. I also experience enormous energy level improvements due to openings of previously blocked area. My overall sense of vitality and natural immunity from illness is extremely high. I feel each session with Blue is a drink from the Fountain of Youth! As my chronological age continues to increase, over the years I have been receiving Blue's bodywork, my physiological age has been decreasing. But it is actually better than that. Even as a child or teenager, I don't remember ever feeling as good as I feel now, or have the degree of body awareness or functional flexibility as I experience now.

I have referred friends and family members to Blue who have agreed that his technical knowledge and expertise in bodywork and body mechanics, combined with his intuitive touch creates the opportunity for good health, healing and relief from pain and constriction for those who consider these areas a priority. Blue has committed his life's work to helping people feel better. I believe those who are committed to their own health and body will receive profound results from Blue.

~June S. San Diego

I walked around the bay area for quite a while before I drove home. Thoroughly enjoying the way my body moves. Please accept my deep gratitude for the gentleness you offered. I believe those moments were the greatest healing I've felt in this life time, Blue. Several moments of exquisite sensations during the session.
Thank you! Joanne

In 1981, I was crushed between 2 cars and then was pinned beneath a third car. I lost a leg at above knee level and severely injured my remaining knee among several traumatic injuries including crushed facial bones.

My body started to change immediately from my first session with Blue. He restored my neck, foot motion, and structure, along with aligning my right knee and the rest of my skeleton.. Blue's work is superb. Over time I have been able to maintain or rapidly regain alignment and freedom each time we work together.

Blue's expertise about bodies and bodywork is outstanding. He lives what he teaches and his work is constantly evolving. Blue is a lifesaver for me. He helps me maintain balance, freedom, and alignment in a body that's missing one leg with an injured knee on the other side. He is dedicated. His focus while working is phenomenal. He has enhanced the physical quality of my life beyond words.

Since I now live 500 miles away from Blue- I fly in 3 or 4 times a year to work with him. We do concentrated work over a 2 day period, generally 7 or 8 hours in the 2 days. If I lived near Blue, I would do a session every other week. When I finish the sessions with Blue my body feels aligned, pain-free and very stable. I am greatly relieved and happy.

Blue is a gift and a treasure in my life. Blue's bodywork is currently the reason I still have a right knee.. I am convinced I would have undergone knee replacement by now without his profoundly balancing bodywork. In addition, my body is in heaven by the time we finish working together- my muscular skeletal system is flexible and free, moving the way mother nature intended.

I have
never met a bodyworker like Blue. His work is the most thorough and freeing I have yet to encounter.(his mentor Usha is also brilliant and gifted -she no longer works) When it comes to bodywork, Blue has completely spoiled me. He gets more results in one session than others do in 3 or 4.

My husband and I regularly use the Structural Release Rollers to help treat and prevent back problems. I also use the Fix Your Feet balls to keep my foot supple and aligned as well as the larger ball to work on my solar plexus. I also take MSM which greatly reduces joint pain. All of these tools are effective-

Thanks Blue!
Elly W. San Francisco-Psyhcotherpaist/Author of "Coping with the Loss of a Limb"