Flextasy Testimonials


...The Functional Flexibility System

I recently purchased the Flextasy DVDs and I can''t believe the relief that I have experienced from my sciatica in just a week's use of the stretches...the first day in fact.

I work with the Silver Sneakers program and teach exercise to various levels of seniors 65+.  Our classes can be taught standing, in a chair and some floor.  I would love to incorporate these stretches into our workouts and recommend the future DVD to my students, because I believe it would be a tremendous benefit to them.

Teri H.

I have found Blue Dunn's Flexstasy system to be terrific. It brings together sequences and movements which I have encountered in yoga, qigong and pilates (among others), but does so in a way that is integrated, well-organized, and user-friendly. I am really glad to have added this to my fitness regimine, and find that the increased flexibility has enhanced both my performance and my enjoyment of a variety of sports and activities.
John Q., age 49

"I am now much less stiff and sore in the morning. I find Flextasy™ to be a wonderful emotional break and a super stress-reliever! I believe it is essential for lifelong fitness and overall health. No more sports-related injuries."
Marcia G. age 41>HR Director (activities: running, cycling, hiking, climbing, swimming)

"I was already doing some yoga but I have found the increase in my flexibility, since starting the Flextasy system, incredible. It seems to help to think in terms of the skeleton rather than muscles. I would recommend this routine to anyone who wants to become more flexible."
Bob M. age 53>Social Work

"I have derived a sense of well-being, a more flexible spine, and improved posture from Flextasy. In my youth I was very flexible. It disappeared from too much sitting and from being bed-ridden and the beliefs of age.The concepts Blue teaches about bring mobility to all parts of the skeleton appeals to me and has allowed me to be unafraid of movement. I believe Flextasy is beneficial and would like others to benefit from it."                                     
Anita A.D. age76>retired (activities: theater and tap dancing, gym workouts)

"I describe my flexibility before Flextasy as terrible! Since I’ve begun I’m better able to perform the movements and I feel improvements each class. Not only does this class help in gaining flexibility but it assists in better overall muscle coordination. My movements have become better controlled and more fluid.... The Flextasy system has helped me to relax more during my sports activities, enhancing my performance and making me feel better in general. Emotionally, the system has allowed me to be more mentally relaxed throughout the day...  Flextasy™ integrates emotional and physical health for all areas of living. This program isn’t just for athletes and active people, everyone can benefit from Flextasy."                          
Robert R. age 28>Life Insurance (activities: swimming, surfing, jogging, golf)

"I was one of the least flexible people I know in just about every area. I’m amazed at the amount of improvement...I was prone to sports injuries and my lack of flexibility limited my sports performance, especially swimming. My swimming has improved more in the 6 months I’ve been practicing Flextasy™ than in the previous 5 years! I can run now without fear of injury....                                                                                       The valuable concepts of this program for me are thinking about the skeleton instead of muscles and the notion of breathing and relaxing while stretching...Flextasy will be something I use for the rest of my life; it brings a sense of well-being, accomplishment, and relaxation.  I can see it getting more important as I age.  I highly recommend this program to anyone. Thanks Blue, you’ve really had a positive impact on my life!"                                          
Derek M. age 45>Technology Manager and Consultant (activities: swimming, running, cycling)

"I suffered sore muscles and chronic headaches from stress. I had no flexibility at all, especially a stiff low back. After only 3 months my muscles are more relaxed and my headaches are gone; my joints are flexible, I have no more menstrual cramps. From Blue I have learned the importance of breathing when working on my flexibility.  I have gotten great relief from the Flextasy program and will continue using it because of how much better it has made me feel. Because of my results I recommend this to others who want a pain-free, flexible body."                                                  
Catherine B. age 26>Industrial Engineer (activities: gym 3 times a week)


"I describe my physical state before Flextasy as total rigidity; I could not bend and had to turn my whole body to look sideways. I can now move easily, my body is more comfortable, and most important, I feel younger. Blue proved to me that the flexibility of my body which was lost due to aging could be regained. To me Flextasy™ has been a process of rejuvenation! I absolutely recommend this routine to others!"           
George W. age 63>Medical Doctor (activities: abs/back strengthening, swimming, nordic track, walking)

"I was in chronic pain and feeling pretty debilitated prior to beginning this class. There has been a dramatic difference in my flexibility and my body awareness. And now, thanks to Flextasy™, I'm pain-free!                  
Michele M. age 56>Health Care Marketing Consultant (activities: thai kick boxing, aqua aerobics, tap and jazz dancing)


"I was stiff as a board! I had chronic low back pain. Now my body is more in line, I stand straighter, and I can move a lot easier. I recommend Flextasy™ to others because it has helped me; I think it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself."
Allen G. age 65>Self-Employed (activities: work out with weights 3 times a week)

"I have discovered that it is possible to actively participate in the sports I love if I use Flextasy™. Before beginning this program I was losing the battle to stay physically active. I had to decrease the frequency of my activities and there was more recovery time afterwards.  Through Flextasy™ I have developed flexibility in areas of my body I had thought were inherently immobile. No more hunched back and I now move in ways I had not thought possible!"                
Debra G. age 42>Manager/Engineer (activities: soccer, swimming, jogging, skiing, tennis, hiking)


"Flextasy™ is fun!"                                               
Ishman C. age 53>Gardener (activities: swimming, walking, skiing)

"Flextasy™ has made me more aware of my posture and my whole body in general. It has given me more flexibility, better balance. I’m more relaxed, I feel better and I sleep better. As a result of these benefits I believe I have achieved a higher quality of life. I find all of Blue’s concepts about flexibility to be valuable, and effective, so I recommend the Flextasy™ System to people all the time."   
Betty G. age 69>Self-Employed (activities: walking, work out 3 times a week: treadmill, life-cycle, weights