Thumper Massager

 If you haven't experienced the Thumper Massager then I suggest that you must! I am all for human touch but, it can do what no hands could ever do. I bought my first one after only a 3 minute demonstration on myself while standing in a store. I was amazed! It is expensive but no one who has bought one from me has ever complained except that they do not get "thumped" enough!

The Thumper massager comes with a 2-year guarantee. They are easy to use even if you know nothing about massage and that is the beauty of it. It takes no effort, all you have to do is guide it very slowly. With a Thumper Massager anyone can send you into a state of relaxed bliss; 10 minutes feels great but is a tease, 30 minutes and you couldn't care less about anything, and after 45 minutes you can't remember your name and are out of your body. I finish most of my bodywork sessions this way to integrate all that has been accomplished during the session. It works and my clients love it.

It truly is more than a massage machine; it beneficially affects the receiver on many levels, including increased circulation, deep stimulation and relaxation at the same time, muscularly, and yes, even structurally. You've got to feel it to believe it! If you're in the area and would like a free demo, give me a call, set up an appointment and you'll feel what I mean. 


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