Drinking Alkaline, Ionized Water

What Kind and How Much Alkaline Ionized Water Should I Drink?
If you’re new to drinking restructured, ionized, alkaline water, you might have questions about how much and what level to drink. Everyone is different … people consume widely varied diets, and have vastly different lifestyles. Your experience is the only thing that matters, so we encourage you to listen to your body.

Start with Level One

See how you feel when you drink Level One alkaline water for at least two weeks. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces each day. If you weigh 150 pounds, you should consume 75 oz – 9.25 cups – or a little over a half gallon.

The Formula:

150 lbs/2 = 75oz   75/8 = 9.25 cups

(Note: there are 16 cups per gallon, 8 oz/cup)

If you have any wellness issues you are trying to address, work up to 3/4 oz per pound of body weight daily. If you can consume 1 oz per pound of body weight, that may help to accelerate your results.

If you are active outdoors, subjected to heat or dryness, or an athlete, you should drink more water … preferably 1 oz per pound of body weight daily.

Increase Slowly, and Listen to Your Body

After two weeks, if you have not experienced detox symptoms like headaches, flu-like feeling, or gastrointestinal issues, you can increase to Level Two, followed a couple of weeks later by Level Three. If you feel like your body is experiencing detox symptoms, you can either drink more water and push through, or drop back to the lower level while still drinking at least a half ounce per pound of body weight … preferably more to relieve the detoxification symptoms.

Once you’ve stabilized at Level Three, that might be perfect for you. Or you may find that your body prefers Level Two, or that you need Level Four now and then. For instance, competitive athletes might want to drink Level Four before and after a workout to eliminate lactic acid and reduce residual soreness. A more sedentary, young vegetarian without major health issues might do great drinking Level One most of the time. Someone trying to reverse the effects of a lifetime of chronic acidity might choose Level Three for an extended period of time. The different levels of alkaline water all provide microclustered, hydrating water – the only difference is how much alkalinity and antioxidant power they deliver to the body.

Use Clean Water for Prescriptions

If you take any prescription medication, be sure you take it with plain water or juice, not restructured, ionized water.