Reverse Aging Book

Reverse Aging Book
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Reverse Aging, by Sang Whang, was copyrighted in 1990 and first published in 1991. With over 60,000 copies in print, it is regarded as the original scientific thesis of the new theory of aging.
The author receives phone calls and mail from all over the world in praise of his work. It has been translated into Polish, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, German and Korean by volunteers who wanted to share the information with their countrymen.

Reverse Aging Book

The fact that excess acid is a major contributing factor of aging and degenerative diseases has been suspected for a long time.
The Reverse Aging book, by Sang Whang, is the first Western book to give you a simple yet detailed scientific explanation of alkalization; it is also the first to examine the concept of reverse aging strictly on a scientific approach.

The subject matter is highly technical. However, the simple, easy-to-understand everyday language used by Sang Whang in his Reverse Aging book to explain this and other health-related topics allows the average lay person to readily comprehend the benefits of drinking alkaline water.
Reverse Aging is a 'must read' for anyone who is interested in the scientific approach to and the understanding of health, the maintenance of wellbeing and alternative medicine.

Sang Whang, inventor of AlkaLife, is an engineer, scientist and inventor with many U.S. patents. His fields of expertise spans many different areas such as data communication devices (modem), electronic filters, chemistry, water, cornea measuring devices, multi-focal soft contact lenses, etc. An improvement and maintenance of his own health without medicine, diet or exercise caused him to investigate the phenomenon and led him to the discovery of his theory of Reverse Aging. How he reversed the early stage symptoms of diabetes and high blood pressure is also discussed in this book.

Highly recommended

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