Melody H2 Water Ionizer

Melody H2 Water Ionizer
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Manufacturer: Alkaviva
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MELODY H2 water ionizer

Want the very best value and most popular ionizer in the world?
The revolutionary Melody water ionizer offers Jupiter's new amazing infrared filter system for maximum purity, energization and filtration ability. You can choose to attach your Jupiter Melody water ionizer to either your tap or directly to the water line below your counter. Or you can install your Melody water ionizer below the counter by using one of our special dual outlet, above-counter faucets.
We have researched the available water ionizers on the market and have determined that the Jupiter Water Ionizers are among the top in the industry. We have taken into consideration the manufacturer's warranty, price, features, and the manufacturer's expertise/longevity.

This unit has it all; stylish upright look, great filtration, great range of output, ease of operation and installation.

The Melody water ionizer is an excellent product for customers looking for a reliable, lower-priced ionizer. While the Melody does not offer the latest cutting edge technology, top performance and features of the Athena or Delphi, it has been a proven performer for over 4 years in the entry-level category.

  • Clean water - The Biostone Filtration System
  • Proven Performer - five platinum coated titanium electrodes
  • Proven Durability - automatic post use cleaning
  • Dependability - backed by the certainty of Emco Tech - the world leader in ionization.
  • Unrivalled functionality: Three installation options; Never wait for the cleaning cycle; Full LCD control panel


While the Melody/ Isis water ionizer does not offer the cutting edge technology, top performance and features of the Athena or Delphi water ionizers, it is the proven choice in the entry-level category.

The Melody water ionizer incorporates the revolutionary Biostone Filtration System. The BioStone Filtration System is simply the finest filter you will find in any ionizer available today. Read more about the BioStone Filter Here.
If you use well or untreated water please have your water tested first.

Ionizing Power
With the exception of the newest patented Mesh Diode Electrode found in the Athena and Delphi water ionizers, the electrodes in the Melody water ionizer shine in comparison to anything else on the market. You can rest assured knowing your Melody water ionizer is tried and true - one of the world's best selling ionizers over the last four years!

Large 5-plate polymer ion plated platinum coated titanium ionizing plates. Some older design water ionizers still use stainless steel plates, which were found to emit nickel. Jupiter Science and Toyo Water of Japan collaborated to produce the finest system of polymer bonded platinum coated Titanium plates. These totally overcome this leaching problem and radically enhance the lifespan of the plates, which are the heart of your Melody water ionizer system.

Mineral deposits build up on the electrodes over time decreasing performance. All water ionizers employ some form of cleaning cycle to help minimize this. The Melody water ionizer does not have the superior cleaning of the new patented DARC cleaning system found in the Athena and Delphi water ionizer, but it is still a cut above other brands on the market. The Melody/Isis water ionizer employs an automatic post-use self cleaning mechanism - meaning it cleans automatically after each and every use.

Automatic Reversed Cleaning Every water ionizer in the world, worth investing in, has an inbuilt cleansing routine. This ensures that any particles that may find their way past the filter are not 'caught' in the ionizing cells. The method is simple - the magnetic field in the chamber is reversed so that any mineral that has energetically adhered to a Titanium plate is repelled and flushed away. It's a clever system, and assures the user of a long, trouble free life, but it isn't perfect - except on the Melody water ionizer. Before, during the cleaning cycle, the water flow was changed from alkaline to acid. Now, for the first time ever, the Melody delivers only alkaline water from the alkaline sprout. No more waiting even when your Melody water ionizer is cleaning!
USA PATENT NO. 6,846,394 / KOREA PATENT NO. 0308448

You will want your ionizer company to be around to take care of your needs many years after you make your purchase. Emco Tech's experience in ionization since 1982 allows you to buy from USA owned IonWays with absolute certainty. It is peace of mind to know your company will be around to support you - unlike unproven new start-up companies which often leave customers high and dry.

The Melody water ionizer offers a flow control knob providing you better control of the water pressure and pH settings. The flow control also provides for the possibility of alternate installation options. Unlike most other models which can only be installed one way, the Melody/Isis can be installed at your sink with a diverter from the tap, or plumbed directly to your cold water line.

Calcium Port
This allows you to add extra calcium to your water ionizer. Some areas however have "soft water" or water that is low in naturally occurring calcium and other dissolved minerals. Find out more. This feature is intended to boost ionization performance in soft water areas when necessary.

Voice Confirmation
This feature audibly tells you what type of water you have selected each time you use the ionizer. This feature is fully adjustable allowing you to turn the volume up, down, or completely off.

Microm System
The Microm System is a microcomputer that controls all functions and maintains suitable water pH according to the volume of water flow. It features self-diagnosis and a one-touch system for all functions. If there is an electrical overload due to water quality or industrial pollutants such as mercury, the Micom System disables ionization.

Electrical Surge / Fluctuation Protection
The Melody water ionizer has a glass tube fuse that will protect the expensive circuitry in case of power fluctuations or surge.

Liquid Crystal Display Panel
The panel changes color to match the output water: Indigo = Alkaline; Red = Acidic; Green = Purified.
It also contains:

  • Flow rate indicator - This indicates the rate of water flow through your Melody water ionizer.
  • Low Pressure Alarm - protecting against low water pressure.
  • Hot Water Alarm - will illuminate and turn the unit off in case of hot water is run through it.
  • Alkaline and Acidic level indicators - numerically display the level of ionization selected.
  • Filter Life Indicator - counts actual filter use. It is not a timer like on less expensive models.

Extra levels of pH means greater choice for you and other users. It also allows you to take advantage of higher alkaline pH levels when cooking, to make greens greener, rice fluffier and coffee and tea more flavorful.

Varying levels of acid water output means you can avail yourself of all of many ways you use acid water; for your skin, for your plants, for your home hygiene and more.

Pure water selection can be important if you or visitors are on an acid-based drug regimen. Although alkaline micro clustered water helps the absorption of many supplements and reduces the dosage requirement, it may affect drugs that are designed to be taken with acid or neutral water.

A stainless steel top spout may seem a small thing until you actually use and Ionizer without one. Some ionizers output their ionized water via plastic hose back to the tap and out. The kitchen tap is one of the most bacteria-laden zones in the kitchen. Furthermore, a top-mounted spout allows you to pour water anywhere; a real boon when the sink is full of dishes, or when you want to fill a large bottle.

Integrated computer circuitry means CHOICE. Some units on the market try to make out that they are water ionizers but do not use computer controllers. This means that you are restricted by the pH of your incoming water and not able to adjust to the optimal pH for your own needs.

Computer circuitry also allows hot water and low pressure protection to be an automatic function.

Post-operation Auto Cleanse System means that every time you use your 'Melody water ionizer', it will undertake a silent, automatic cleanse of the Titanium ionizing plates in the heart of its system. This auto clean ensures continued maximum performance by removing any particles that may have gotten through the filter into the ionizing chamber.

1/4 inlet tube; better visually in your kitchen that the 3/8" tube on other models. Why? Smaller is less obvious, and even though you may not want to connect your 'Melody' to the mains, and hiding the inlet hose completely, the 1/4" tube looks far better than the bulky 3/8" hose on other models.

Installation Kit
Comes with everything you will need to perform a standard installation including a DVD and manual. Unique or custom installations may require extra parts and or adapters.

pH test kit
Contains test tubes, reagent liquid and a pH color chart to help you understand the ionizer's performance so that you can be sure you are drinking the right level of pH.

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Melody/Isis water ionizer Specifications

Input voltage Input: 110V or 220V AC (please specify if you require 220V)
Power Consumption 110 W
Weight 12lbs. (5.5 kg )
Dimensions 26.5 x14.5 x 33 cm (10.5 x 5.5 x13 in.)
Output flow .8 gal./min (3 liters/min)
Electrode materials Platinum-coated titanium
Filter life 8-12 months
Temperature control Auto Shut off
Test Kit pH test kit included

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