DKN Xg10 Whole Body Vibration Machine

DKN Xg10 Whole Body Vibration Machine
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Xg10 Whole body Vibration

The DKN-Technology XG10 whole body vibration machine is a commercial grade vibration trainer designed for high end home use as well as serious athletes and commercial settings. This model makes intensive vibration training exercise accessible and affordable, but has the performance of a more expensive performance machine.

The stylish and sleek design and the compact size of this machine means it occupies less floor space, and therefore fits into any home, fitness studio or wellness centre with ease. This incredibly popular top class machine has a sprung balanced platform for permanent base contact, a low entry step for easy access, and a great power range, reaching an incredible 11g on the muscle (loaded!).

With a frequency range between 20 and 50 Hz with interval steps of 5 Hz allows you to completely customise your intensity level to your desired need, while the touch screen back lit panel with DKN's integrated virtual coach visualising the graphic exercise positions makes it incredibly easy to follow and train with. The 4 integrated pre set programs allow you to target key areas of the body.

The construction is 100% high grade steel, reinforced with carbon fiber in order to control the high performance acceleration this machine produces, making this machine suitable for intensive home use as well as professional use as well. The DKN Xg10 Vibration Trainer has a well balanced platform or also known as vibro plate, a low entry step, and a great power range, reaching an incredible 12G.  The DKN Xg10 Whole body vibration machinecome with 2 upper-body straps, a thick high density mat, an interactive training DVD, a personal training guide and a vibration exercise poster.

The DKN X Series offers the best value on the market with authentic vertical vibration. You may encounter the "3-Dimensional Vibration". This is simply incorrect as vibration designates up & down movement only. Manufacturers just want to take advantage of the interest in vibration training and supply "oscillating" vibration that is as cheap as it is inefficient.


DKN Xg10 Whole body vibration machine Specifications
Structure Steel
Equipment weight 72.5 kg / 160 lbs
Maximum load 140 kg / 330 lbs
Dimensions 33.5 x 26 x 55 in
Vibrating plate dimensions 33.5 x 16 in
Graphical Display Back lit touch-sensor
Vibration frequencies 20-50 Hz
Vibration amplitude 1 mm A 3.4 mm
Motor AC Motor 3.2 K/N
Acceleration 12G
Electric charge 770.4 A
  • Includes: instructional DVD, exercise chart, and workout straps for upper body tone
  • Warranty: 2 year manufacturer's warranty


  • Personal trainer with 4 Preset Programs & Visuals:
  • Upper Body, Abdominal, Lower Body & Total Body. 
  • 7 frequency settings 
  • 5 modules integrated in your personal coach. 
  • Durable and ergonomical handles designed for optimum comfort and safety. 
  • Start/Stop & Repeat control for convenience and safety, during stretching and abdominal exercises. 
  • Commercial grade material. High tense carbon reinforced steel platform. 
  • Isolated vibrating platform that prevents dispersal of the vibration to the controls and floor to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise. 
  • Silent high performance motors, variable and gradual start-up, up to 3.2KN.


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