Yoga Journal: Blue's response

Re: February Flextasy Video Review

First, I'd like to thank Yoga Journal and Richard Rosen for including my Flextasy videotape set in the February video reviews. However, I would like to clarify, and rectify, a few points concerning myself, and the Flextasy video program.

For some reason, the word Functional was left out of the title: Flextasy! the Functional Flexibility System. The concept of functional flexibility is what sets Flextasy apart from most Yoga systems, which teach from my point of view, not functional flexibility but rather extreme "contortion-ability". This is easily observed by simply paging through any issue of Yoga Journal; the normal person who simply wants to get out of pain and remain active cannot conceive of ever getting into most traditional yoga poses, nor in my experience, is there any need for them to do so.

The line (meant well, I'm sure): "You'd be hard pressed to find a joint that Dunn neglects to stretch", is an inaccurate description of what my intention with Flextasy is. While Yoga does indeed "stretch joints", the goal of Flextasy is to reestablish fluid, circular, multi-dimensional movement through the joints and hinges of the skeleton.

It was expressed that I teach some things "they told us not to do in yoga school". I created Flextasy, not from what I was told, or taught, but from experiential wisdom gained over 17 years of hands-on Structural Release Realignment bodywork, and teaching and performing tightrope and tightwire walking. I understand body mechanics because I am a body mechanic and an accomplished wire-walker (photos on my website).

I find it interesting that Mr. Rosen asks for more "emphatic cautioning" from me; I mention dozens of times in the video to "go slow", "never force any movement", "it's not about forcing, it's about letting go", that what I am teaching is "gentle explorations through the skeleton", etc. *Ironically…I've had to be semi-carried out of more than one yoga class after enduring things like being instructor-assisted up by a strap under my (stiff) back during a back bridge, throwing my low back into spasm. I can relate dozens of stories from seekers (your normal person off the street: my clients) who have had similar traumatic experiences with conventional yoga classes. Those experiences were catalysts for my creation of the Flextasy System.

As to chastising me for using "youngish models" in the video: one is 40 and the other 48, both are massage therapists, one is a physical trainer who also teaches Flextasy. They are, as Mr. Rosen wished, "living examples of Flextasy's effectiveness".

Thank you for giving me space to address the Flextasy review, which while not negative, did not reveal with accuracy either the Flextasy System or myself.

yours for Health, Blue Dunn
Originator of the Flextasy Functional Flexibility System

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